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Link exchange with office removalsAre you a blogger or do you run a good quality site? Do you want to increase the number of visitors on your site? We can offer you a free link exchange! You do not know how it works. It is easy. You will link to my site and I will link back to you. Every time a Google robot will visit my page will find your link and follow it.

The more incoming link you have the better for your site. Each link is like a vote. Of course the links must come from a good quality sites. From sites that in some way are related to the topic of your site. It is believed that links from irrelevant sites may harm your ranking and cause the position drop in Google searches.

For that reason when exchanging link you should be careful who you choose to link to and who is linking to you. A lot of webmasters do not care and offer links from so called link farms.

How to recognize a linking farm from a good site?

It is quite simple. Linking farms have plenty of outgoing links but no incoming links. They have no valuable content. Before you exchange links with anyone you should check the following things:

  1. Make sure the page that a webmaster is offering you a link from is relevant to your site. Check the title, description and the keyword meta tags as well as the content of the page itself. All of this should somehow match and make some sense. It should be also relevant to your page or enhance its content.
  2. To be sure the page you will get a link from has not been penalized or banned by Google visit it. Copy a couple of sentences and paste in to the Google search engine. If the site meets the Google's quality guideline it will appear in the first results of the search. If you can't see it just leave it. Do the same for the main domain and the page you are offered the link form.
  3. Google does not like if there are too many outgoing links from one page. I suggest you do not accept any links from a site that have more than 5. Too many look spammy and there is no value coming to your site.
  4. Do not accept links from a header, footer or <div> tags that appear on each page. Get just one or two links from one domain.
  5. Do not acquire too many links a month. Make sure you add some quality content first add about 10 pages and get 1 link. Remember that Google likes consistency. Nothing should look artificial. Natural link building is that you need.

Exchange links with removalsIf you follow the fife points above you should not have any problems with future Google algorithms making it harder and harder for SEO specialists.

And also I do not mind sharing and exchanging articles. If you are a conscientious blogger I will do it with a great pleasure. If you want to share with me an article read the rules of the article exchange.  Your site should have a particle about the same as my do - similar subjects, the same industries or information useful to my visitors. And remember the link exchange is the best way to promote your site at no costs.

If you want to exchange links with my site, before requesting a link, please make sure it will be beneficial for yours and mine visitors. Your site should be relevant to office removals, furniture, move management, planning, business storage, space design, transport, warehouse removals or machinery moving keywords. If you still are interested in the link exchange contact me today I will be happy to email you more details: info (-@-)

Free Link Exchange is offered by to removals, shipping, transport industry related websites. We will replay to your link exchange request with office removals within 24 hours. Please make sure our link is present at your website before submitting your link here.

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