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Quality Removals

Quality removalsThe following is a code of practice that has been drawn up in order to give instruction/guidance to office movers at all levels who are entrusted by the company to run sites as office relocation managers.

There are two distinctions that need to be drawn:

The first is that you are responsible for the carrying out of the work, giving instructions to the staff allocated to work under your guidance, bringing the commercial relocations in on time and on budget.

The second is that you are the Company's representative on site and form the focal point of contact between the client and the company. We therefore expect you to ensure that you and the men under your control act in a manner that enhances the Company's image with the client.

The code of conduct and practice

  1. Arrive at the depot on time.
  2. Find out which job you are on and who is working with you - team leaders and crew.
  3. Ensure that all men that are on your team are wearing the correct uniform, that they are wearing Toetectors, and that they remove any earrings and tie back long hair.
  4. Ensure that you have the correct paperwork for the job and that any tackle required is loaded onto the removal lorry.
  5. Decide at what time you need to leave the yard to arrive on site at the right time. If you have a man that has not turned up by the time that you need to leave than go without him. If you decide to do this you need to inform the Ops office move manager so that they can instruct the missing man to make his own way to site.
  6. During the trip to site or upon arriving at the site brief all of your crew on the following rules.
    • No smoking, drinking or eating on the floors of the building
    • Do not go onto any floors that they are not supposed to be on
  7. Code of conductContact the client to confirm that the details of the work on your sheet agree with what the client expects. If there is any difference then contact the Ops office for instructions.
  8. Run the job in the correct way, with the company code of practice and conduct, according to the office move plan ensuring that all men on site are working efficiently, that they only take breaks when authorised by you and that they conform to any rules specific to the clients' site. All this to provide a quality removals services. Monitor and manage the attitude and behaviour of your crew on the clients' premises. If any of the men have grievances ensure that they raise them when they return to the yard, not on site. The client does not want or need to hear about any perceived problems that the men or you think that they may have.
  9. When you have completed the job walk the floor to check that you have completely finished and that there is no snagging, that all rubbish has been cleared and that all of the tackle is loaded back onto the van. When you are satisfied that the job is actually complete report to the client and ask for him to sign the jobsheet. Any additional works that have been agreed with the client and Ops will have been added to the job sheet and signed by the client. The client must also sign for any moving crates or cages removed from site.
  10. When the client has signed your jobsheet, phone the Ops office to check whether you can return to the yard. It may be that if you have finished early and another job is running late that you will be told to take your crew to the other site to help out.
  11. Upon returning to the depot, assist the driver to unload his lorry and prepare for the next day.
  12. Report to the Ops office and return all paperwork correctly filled out with start and finish times on site and with the actual mileage's travelled. Check with Ops before allowing any of your crew to go home. (No drop offs unless cleared with Ops first).

Code of practiceThe above is not an exhaustive list of your responsibilities and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation.

Note: It has become necessary for the Company to impose a complete ban on drinking alcohol during working hours. If movers arrive for work and are suspected of being drunk they will be sent home without pay. If operatives are caught drinking at work at any time they will receive a written warning for the first offence which will be placed on record for twelve months. Should a further offence occur during this time, a second written warning will be given stating that a further occurrence will lead to dismissal.

Enjoy the quality removal services! - Code of good behaviour!