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Delivering outstanding Archive storage services

Archive storage services are needed in big private and public institutions such as healthcare, government departments, museums and large industries. Such storage is required for storing samples and files that are not in use currently yet are needed to be maintained for record as well as future reference and use. With rising utilization of archive storage, especially on computer hard disc, physical storage of such archives is reduced to a great extent yet is rampant where a hard copy of a sample, document file and reference book needs to be stored especially for future reference.

Archive storage companiesAlthough there are various companies that offer archive storage services, none can compete with us.

Keeping in mind that an archive storage facility is highly crucial for the security of your valuable belongings and protecting your important documents, we offer extensive business storage methods to help you store your documents in an absolutely secure area that is flood and fire proof.

Besides, we also offer CCTV cameras to offer you the additional security you need. With us you can avail the added advantage of retrieving your files and documents easily whenever required.

Excellent service and support guaranteed

Great customer service and quality removals are the trademark of our archival services. Whenever you dial our helpline number you will speak to a real individual who will help you in the best way possible. The perfect supervision of your vital business information is indeed decisive to our common success and via hiring our services, we ensure that we will guide your enterprise in making the utmost of the archive storage services that we offer. Every record centre staff in our office removals company is committed to ensuring that each of your documents is managed, secured and stored to the highest standard possible which is a promise.

Document and office files management

Our team treats every client equally irrespective of their size. We clearly understand that to manage your business files and documents and guaranteeing that you comply with the strict legal requirements and industry regulations all by yourself will need money and time, particularly when your employees generally spend maximum time searching or filing of documents; the time that could be spent to make you more business. But when you store business documents with us, you pay for exactly what you use. What's more, our pricing is lower compared to competitive services.

4 reasons why choose our Archive storage companies London

Below are 4 reasons why you should choose our archive storage services. These include,

  • Document storageOur storage facilities provide an easy and quick access to your files and documents. Utilizing our bar code technology will help you in locating the documents and files within any storage system.
  • As a leading archive storage provider, we will store your files within a secure environment which is done via CCTV as well as security personnel providing you total peace of mind.
  • Over time, documents and files are likely to lose its quality and clarity, but with our document storage facility you will be in safe hands as the conditions are apt for keeping the documents fresh always
  • We offer top services without burning a hole in your pocket

Wide areas of application

Our archive document storage services are extensively utilized in the following areas:

  • Medical records storage - our storage facilities are easy to access and are secure and thus widely used in large hospitals at times in a few cases, local physicians, the paper based records which have been piling over the years will be space consuming. Besides, with the shift to PC based records system one is on the lookout for a place to store their paper files as backup.
  • Historic customer records - For those who keep paper records of client records or order of services or goods will struggle for space and fast become overrun. Our archive storage services in London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and in other UK cities are ideal for preserving this type of information.
  • Copy of historic contract - For secure backup of important paper contracts it is best to keep copies (originals) in archive storage facilities. With us you can remain worry free as we promise the best technique for disaster recovery
  • Financial and audit records - Each company by law needs to uphold its financial record for a specific time period. A renowned organization will soon find that its archive space will become valuable and thus recognize that it is best to hire our services to keep their important files in a secure location.
  • Plan for a planning permission and drawing - Post completion of a project, it is a wise idea in keeping such plans in safe and secure places. The archive storage solutions offered by us are safe and apt for big A0 CAD drawings

Using our archive storage services, companies free up precious floor space, thereby improving staff productivity via no longer asking these members in spending their valuable time to manage every customer record and document. With us clients can also benefit from enhanced security, certifying that the business record is protected against disaster which also includes theft, flood and fire. (see also off-site crate storage)

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