Confidential document shredding

Document shredding policy is indeed of crucial necessity for all governmental agencies for preventing sensitive data from falling into the hands of an unauthorised person. Shredding of confidential documents is not a task left only for the security services. Organisations, local authorities, statutory agencies, parish councils and the likes handle confidential information every day. Different kinds of public sector bodies must make sure that they have inexpensive but efficient document shredding solutions against identity theft. Document shredding policy has become very important as regulatory requirements getting tighter on yearly basis. This will help to make your office to be legislation compliant.

We are able to provide confidential document shredding services to all departments through many sites. Our services is quite efficient, rapid and totally free from hassle. Consequently, many people have recommended our services to people that require them. We offer confidential shredding services in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Sheffield and many other. Contact our office removals Chester branch and ask for local shredding services.

Confidential shreddingWe give you our word that your paper waste will be securely destroyed. We ensure that we maintain the security and confidentiality of your data always during the destruction process because we work with highly skilled, screened and vetted professionals. They will apply their experience and expertise in ensuring that your documents and paper wastes are destroyed in the right manner. We used a closed mobile shredding vehicle to reduce all waste into a tiny confetti-sized pieces. Our professionals ensure that the last document is destroyed in this manner making it impossible for any person to bring the piece together again. We are able to achieve this thanks to the application of our state-of-the-art machinery. Our method and solution is eco-friendly and thus, it can be added as an aspect of recycling policy or carbon reduction strategy.

On-site document shredding services

On-site shredding is a method through which documents, files and media can easily and securely be shredded. In this method, documents and files and media are shredded on premises meaning that the entire process will be monitored. Being available to monitor the process means that you will make sure that the process is carried out in compliance with the UK legislation which obliges you to destroy all documents both confidential and non-confidential documents.

There are a number of reasons why going for on-site document shredding services is the best option for you. In the first instance, using this service means that your documents and files will be shredded by a company that has certification to do it. This implies that you're handing the responsibility to professionals who will implement the task in compliance with the UK legal requirements. But if this reason is not sufficient enough for you, choosing on-site shreddingcompanies means that you will be able to monitor the shredding of files and documents as the process will be carried out in an environment where you will be present to see everything for yourself. When this process was established at the initial time, it became popular and a slogan evolved to describe its superiority over other means of shredding documents, "On-site, done right." Besides, opting for on-site shredding gives you a rest of mind because you will have time to attend to other engagements rather than worrying yourself about the safety and security of your shredding.
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Hire shred on site services

Choosing the services of professional on-site shredding company is a worthwhile doing investment regardless of the size of your business be it a small and medium business or a large corporation. Companies offering on site shredding services are indeed quite aware of the importance of keeping data confidential and maintaining the privacy of your business as well as your customer data. They also discharge their responsibility in compliance with the UK legislation on document shredding. At the completion of the shredding task, you will be provided with a certificate by a professional on-site shredding business. This points to the fact that they have a clear understanding of the importance of professional, guaranteed and secure shredding services.
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Hire shredding servicesBusinesses operating in the United Kingdom are required to shred all confidential materials in compliance with the UK extant laws on document shredding. According to the UK legislation, companies are obliged by law to store all private documents and information safe and secure until when they are no longer required and at this time, they are obliged to destroy them. One of the accepted easiest and most secure means of destroying documents, private information, media, files and the likes is on-site shredding. It means that the documents, files, media and other private documents to be shredded are destroyed on your business premises under your supervision if you care to be around. The question is in what are the benefits of on-site shredding?

You will be able to decide when to shred your documents if you are using the services of a shredding company. Really, it all depends on what you want or prefer. You can schedule a weekly or monthly shredding. You can also arrange a one-off service. The only thing that will be required from you is to keep all the documents to be shredded ready. If you are bothered by where the documents will be kept for shredding, you don't have to worry about that. The on-site shredding service provider will offer you with options for secure storage of your documents between shredding to make sure all data security policies are kept at all times. The storage options that will be offered to you are secure wheeled bins, office moving crates, lockable veneered consoles and sacks. The implication of this is that all documents kept inside them will remain safe and secure and cannot be accessed by any person until they are completely destroyed.

Benefits of using on-site shredding


If you are making use of the services of a mobile shredding company like ours, you will have the freedom of fixing the date for the shredding of documents so that it will fit your schedule. Depending on your requirements, you can schedule shredding to be carried out on regular basis every week or every month. You can also schedule it to be carried out by one-off service. All you have to do is to keep all the documents to be shredded ready. You don't have to bother about where to keep the documents for shredding because the storage space will be provided between shredding days if you are shredding-on-site. Such storage spaces include sacks, storage wheeled bins and the likes. The implication of this is that your documents will not be taken out of the site until they are shredded completely.


Time they say is money. It is highly important in the doing of business. On-site-confidential shredding is quite time-saving as the process is very fast. Besides, the process can be supervised or seen by you or any member of your staff assigned to do so. You will no longer need to have your documents loaded in any vehicle for transportation to where they will be shredded or loading them into the shredding vehicle on daily basis. Thus, you are saved of the time and effort required to go through this onerous process. With on-site document shredding companies, all datawill be destroyed just all in one go. If you are shredding manually, your work will be interrupted as you wait for the shredder to cool down. There is also the problem of phone calls from staffs and clients and these also tend to slow down the process. Shredding on-site makes a difference in respect of time. You will have time to focus on your business rather than spending time to monitor and dispose your document manually.

Security during shredding

On-site shredding of documents will increase the level of your security in a dramatic manner. The risk of violating confidentiality in the handling of documents will be highly reduced when you kept all your documents on your business premises for shredding. Hiring confidential data shredding services is a suitable option for commercial establishment, organisations, institutions and businesses that deal with personal information of others as well as businesses, institutions and organizations that handle sensitive and confidential information. If you make use of on-site paper shredding services, you will be rest assured that the process is sufficiently and completely carried out by certified, experienced and talented professionals with the required qualifications. Mobile shredding also provides you with added security by providing you with secure receptacles for the storage of your documents before they are disposed. This means that nobody will be able to access the documents once they are put into the secure receptacles.

Ensure security during document shredding

You should always ensure that all information stored confidentially is disposed in a legally accepted manner that is confidential. The disposal strategy should ensure that no breach of data occurred after data have been efficiently destroyed. Shredding your document regularly is the most effective means of carrying this out. However, if you have a large volume of documentation to dispose, regular data shredding can be a time consuming exercise.

Secure destruction of documentsWorking in a partnership with a document destruction company that provides regular collections at convenience of their customers is the best means of saving time. It is also a great means of ensuring that all documents are shredded in compliance with the standard stipulated by the UK law. At the end of the shredding process, you will be provided with a certificate of secure destruction as a guarantee of the process of shredding. One of the most effective means of guiding against data breach is on-site shredding because once data are destroyed, they can no longer be recovered. Besides, they are carried out by certified professionals. It is easy to guide against data breaches and to comply to the legislation with on-site shredding.

If you want to know more about on-site shredding and to find out whether it will meet your requirements, you should contact us now either through phone or via emails. The best option has always been a company that produces confidential waste on daily basis and then using a shredding company to destroy confidential data in the company's premises following the company's schedule.

With this approach, your customers will have a secure and comfortable means of disposing their private data on regular basis. If you hire our UK document shredding services, we will provide you with shred-on-site lockable consoles where confidential data are kept until when they are disposed of at agreed scheduled. We have a team of trained professionals that will come to your office or where the receptacles are kept to collect and move them under lock in our mobile shredding vehicle, always under supervision of our office move manager. This means that the data are well protected and secured right to the point of shredding onboard the vehicle. If you like and when required, you will be allowed or invited to witness the shredding process. When the shredding process is completed successfully, a certificate of destruction will be issued to you. The certificate is a waste transfer that contains the waste hierarchy declaration of your business.

One-Off Shredding Services

We provide our clients with a one-off shredding service which is a suitable options for individuals as well as companies that periodically destroy unwanted documents, files, media and the likes. Our services are completely EN 15713:2009 accredited and compliant and so there is nothing to worry about.

Are you still making payment for unwanted files in your storage or are you completing a factory moving project and you need both moving and shredding? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then, you can avail yourself of our efficient, easy and simple solution provided by our factory movers.

We are able to offer you with a quick, reliable, simple and convenient one-off service for the clearance of your bags, archives, loose materials and the likes. In order to assist you in reducing manual handling, in making the process more efficient and maintaining the chain, we are able to offer you with lockable wheeled bins and secure shredding sacks.

A day will be scheduled on which we will come to your premises with our mobile shredding vehicles depending on the number that is required. The materials that you will no longer require or have brought out for shredding will be collected by our screened and vetted security personnel and then bring them to the vehicle where they will be destroyed immediately.

Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction

Here, we provide a service that complies with the standard of EN 15713:2009. Our service is also accredited by the same standard. There is increase in data theft of businesses, state and individuals in today's digital society and such theft can have devastating effects.

Data destruction also known as data and media shredding is the sole means of ensuring that your confidential information has been successfully deleted. We are efficiently in secure destruction of the following:

  • Video or cassette tapes
  • X-rays
  • USB Memory sticks & SIM Cards
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Microfishe & Floppy Disks
  • Hard Drives and the likes

We will fix a date when we will come to your premises with a mobile shredding vehicle. The items to be destroyed will be collected and taken to the shredding vehicle by our screened and vetted personnel. The items will be destroyed in the vehicle instantly.

If there is a need for or if you want, you will be allowed or invited to witness the process. When the entire process has been concluded, a certificate of destruction will be issued to you. Our waste transfer license as well as waste hierarchy declaration is included in the certificate of destruction that will be issued to you.

Medical records shredding

The core of the National Health Service is medical records and the confidentiality of the patient's records is of crucial importance in order to make sure that patients have trust in staff. Therefore, the shredding of medical records is an important aspect of any NHS or GP Privacy Policy. In fact, all confidential information of this nature is legally required to be securely shredded in this manner.

As an experienced company offering hospital moving services we are also recognised as a local shredding company in London, we have developed a secure, confidential, and quick means of shredding medical records which medical profession can rely on. We provide our services to private clinics, doctors' surgeries, local health authors, NHS bodies and National Health Service Institutions throughout London and South East of England. Pharmacies can also make use of our services. We have nationwide coverage as far as medical shredding is concerned. We are able to provide services across the nations through our network of shredding centers in Birmingham, Manchester, York, Nottingham, Oxford and other.

We offer complex business removals London as well as business moving services in Manchester including shredding services to doctors' surgeries collecting their waste on weekly basis or as agreed and providing them with certificate to serve as a evidence and guarantee that the service has been delivered as agreed. With this, we are protected and we have a peace of mind.

We carry our medical record shredding at the site of the customer. We will keep our receptacles at a convenient location in your premises. They are available in different sizes, colours and shapes. Thus, no matter what the requirements of your business are, we are able to meet them. At the right time scheduled for shredding, our team of professionals will arrive at your business premises and empty the contents of the receptacles in the mobile shredding vehicles that they come with. These vehicles are specifically meant for shredding of medical records in the most confidential manner and on-site. This approach ensures that nothing, not even a piece of paper, is left not shredded. All papers, documents and media are pieced into tiny bits which are impossible to be fixed together again because they are broken to the size of confetti. At the end, they are recycled. Thus, the method is also eco-friendly.

Shredding of medical filesVirtually all healthcare professionals are able to access patients' confidential medical records. A good portion of these data is available in paper files or hardcopy. There are also some that are kept in soft copy in their computer systems. When these files are no longer useful, they must be destroyed even though doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, and administrative staff are obliged to comply with the strict protocols in managing them. Shredding is an acceptable and excellent practices. It is also a part and parcel of the law and privacy policy.

Indeed, it is a difficult and daunting task to manage a secure destruction of medical records as well as paper waste given that health service undergoes major budget cuts. We help medical facilities to simplify the process and make it to be more efficient and quicker. With our convenient services, it has now become manageable and easy to maintain the confidentiality of a patient.

The number of people faking their identities in order to obtain prescription drugs via registered pharmacies or on the black market has increased over the last 5 years. Here in the UK, there is increase in the misuse of health insurance and medical identity. Their consequences for both patients and medical staff can be quite disastrous. gThe only guaranteed means of maintaining the confidentiality of the patient is the secure shredding of medical records on-site.

Our medical shredding solutions that you can rely on:

  • Protection against security breaches
  • Prevention of identity theft
  • Improvement of patient care
  • Reduction of space for out of date patient records
  • Protection of healthcare practitioners against non-compliance
  • Safeguarding patient confidentiality
  • Digital media and electrical waste recycling

Financial record shredding services

Vital components of any privacy policy include secure document destruction. What is more is that FSA regulated firms also are obliged by it. Shredding of all financial records is a matter of obligation and necessity. Institution such as insurance providers, building societies and banks have it as their corporate responsibilities or a duty of care to keep their clients' private data confidential.

Secure on-site shredding of financial paper waste is the only means of guiding against the abuse of corporate documentation. Waste is generated by every business. However, in the financial industry a lot of paper wastes of different kinds are generated. Surprisingly, sensitive and important financial documents like financial analysis, credit card information, loan agreements, and bank statements can be thrown into trash. This makes consumers vulnerable to identity theft which can be embarrassing for the company involved and can be subject to litigation. Business can suffer huge financial loss amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But simple document shredding policy can help businesses to prevent such unfortunate incidence from occurring. Call our commercial removals Wigan company and check how much is shredding documents in Greater Manchester area.

Shredding financial records

The management of financial data should be carried out with the application of the tightest security protocols in order to prevent cost breaches of data and protect the reputation of the firm's brand. Applying the state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer the most convenient and quick services. The method we use is a guaranteed means of reducing the risk of identity fraud and theft.

On-site shredding of paper waste is by safest means of getting rid of confidential waste generated by a company. Our method of document destruction which guarantees that all unwanted documents and paper waste will be broken into bits is approved by FSA. In order to guarantee secure destruction of your confidential papers, we will offer you a certificate of destruction at the completion of the shredding. The certificate complies with the regulations of ISO9001.

We have different sizes, colours, designs and shapes of receptacles that we can provide our clients in order to meet their requirements. So, no matter the type of office that you run, we have a suitable receptacle for it. We also have discreet wooden containers with locks for keeping financial documentation secured and confidential. We will send a team of professionals to your office on the agreed date for the collection of your waste paper and documents. They will empty the content of the receptacles into the mobile shredding vehicle they come with. The vehicle has lock and key and it is there that the waste materials will be shredded.
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Legal document shredding service

One of our major areas of strength is client confidentiality. When it comes to legal sector, it is of paramount importance to us. It is quite easy to generate a lot of confidential documents as years goes by. With time, these documents are no longer required by the firm. The accumulation of these documents that are no longer useful or that have been maintained more than the statutory period allowed in huge quantity will gradually become a burden to solicitors, legal clerks and barristers to the extent of overwhelming them. If the firm continues to keep these documents, it will be tantamount to keeping unnecessary waste and the more they continue to keep them, the more risk of exposing the private information of their clients and their staff is becoming high. Consequently, it is important for all legal firms to have a well thought out document shredding policy.

Our services are fast, efficient and compliant to the industry standards. Our clients have peace of mind knowing full well that their data will be securely shredded and that we will always meet their expectations.

We have a dedicated package for legal firms in order to ensure the law is kept always. Ethical conduct and accountability is highly emphasised in the sector by regulators. Consequently, it is important to make sure that the data of the clients are protected and when not needed any longer that they are securely shredded.

The danger of data breach issue is glaringly clear. Public breach of data can have a negative effect of the reputation of a firm and the effect can cause long lasting damage. It can also result in huge financial loss. On-site shredding of legal documents is the only guaranteed means of protecting the confidential information of your client. Our on-site shredding solution gives legal firms rest of mind as its discreet process is efficient and quick. With our solution, your firm is protected against non-compliance charges.

Things you need to shreed

It is of vital importance to understand the type of files, documents and media to shred in order to make sure that you keep the requirements of relevant legislation. Majority of UK companies still print papers regardless of the changes witnessed in digital media. Shredding confidential documents safely and securely is a crucial step in reducing the breaches of privacy and security. With our mobile shredding vehicles, we will be able to shred your paper waste securely and in the most confidential manner.

Our number one priority is to protect the security and privacy of your printed materials. We have 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. The core of all the main compliance and privacy standards in the UK is document protection. Secure document disposal is now not just a matter of common sense but also a basic legal requirement.

Our target is to assist you in becoming completely compliant with the data protection Acts by securing and protecting your customers, contracts and staff confidential information shredding them on-site, that is in your business premises so that you will see everything for yourself. At the end, you will be issued with a registered certificate of secure document destruction so that you will have a rest of mind.

It is very surprising the number of employees that do not have any idea of the kinds of waste that should be protected and be securely destroyed. You will have an idea of how your company is doing if you audit your paper waste bin. Common examples of types of waste generated and thrown out are company reports, invoices, payroll, customer data and invoice. Often sensitive data is trashed by staff who do not know how important data protection and confidentiality are.
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Knowing the information that should be destroyed or shredded is of crucial importance. Below is the list of some important data to be shredded.

HR & Payroll

  • R&D Supplier data
  • Corporate records
  • Confidential Information
  • Supplier records
  • Purchase Orders

Technical drawings

  • Monitoring and evaluation reports
  • Formulas and experiment testing
  • Feedback reports
  • Product plans


  • Operations
  • Management accounts
  • Staffing Information
  • Printed emails
  • Budget Reports
  • Contracts
  • Strategic reports
  • Business plans

Training Information

  • Procurement
  • Monitoring Information
  • Work reports
  • Marketing Information
  • Information technology
  • Appraisals and staff documentation
  • Health and safety information
  • Sales and service information
  • sc

Appraisals Payroll information

  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Tribunal documentation
  • Sales & marketing
  • Employee handbooks and policies
  • Book keeping reports
  • Financial audits
  • Medical records


  • Customer data
  • Sales records sheets
  • Marketing collateral
  • Training information
  • Advertising literature
  • NDAs and Agreements