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Factory removals

We are always proud of our achievements as far as factory removals service is concerned because we have always delivered satisfactory services to our clients. They are happy with the quality of services we deliver to them. If you are a new customer, you will have a rest of mind that your factory moving project will be executed excellently well and in the most professional manner.

We provide a full range of factory relocation service which include complete or part dismantling of production lines and plants including groundworks such as platforms and flooring and electrical installations. Our service will benefit companies that want to relocate their factory base to another area or that want to replace their old machines with new ones. If you fall within this category, contact us as soon as possible.

Lifting factory equipmentWe have built a strong and reliable team of industrial removers. They are experienced and proficient in relocating manufacturing facility from one location to another. We will meet your requirements whether you are relocating an entire manufacturing containing lots of plants and heavy equipment or just one single machine. Contact us now for discussion on your factory removals needs. You can call us using the phone number in the contact us page of our website or send us an email. We will reply you as soon as possible. We cover the entire UK, providing factory removals in London, Birmingham, Oxford, Nottingham, York, Edinburgh, Wigan and other areas.

We offer a wide range of manufacturing facility removals packages which include but not limited to the following:

  • reconnection of main service
  • machinery relocation to the site of our customer
  • lining, leveling and securing of machinery
  • offloading and positioning
  • provision of lifting plans, method statement and risk assessments
  • health and safety management
  • project management and full assistancec for any type of business removals London

Factory relocations across the UK is one of our areas of specialisations. We do it with high level of proficiency, professionalism and diligence to ensure we satisfy even the most difficult and exacting customer. We take strict measures and task ourselves to ensure that our customers are pleased with the quality of services we offer them. We first of all organise free of charge factory moving survey to have a face-to-face discussion about their factory moving requirements and also assess their factories in order to fully understand their requirements and work out the best possible means of offering affordable and reliable factory removals services to our clients. This approach will also ensure that all eventuality is taken into consideration so that a final quote will be given to you. Once you receive a factory moving quote from us, once you compare office moving costs, thats our final rates. Nobody will ask to pay for anything that is not contained in the quote issued to you.

Factory plant relocation services

We believe that factory relocation service or warehouse removals should be handled by industry professionals who have with many years of experienced in the removal industry. This is why we have separate team of professionals that handle relocation services for us. We also trained them and keep updating their knowledge and skills through regular in-house training and training in other training ground. We also are aware of the importance of proper loading of machines in the vehicle for transportation. Poor loading of vehicle exposes the movers and other third parties including other road users to danger. So, with proper loading, you eliminate the risk of accident and damage during transportation.

Our team of professional office movers are well trained and they can meet any requirement of our client. It does not matter if you are doing internal relocation of manufacturing equipment or you are moving them from one location to any other location in the country. We know the fragile nature of some industrial equipment and thus they require expert handling. You should not have any fear about that. We have a team of engineers comprising mechanical and factory electrical engineers. They have trained specifically for installation, dismantling and reinstallation of different kinds of machines used in industry. So, you don't have to be afraid; they are able to handle installation and dismantling of machine of different kinds and also get them ready for transportation. We have large fleets of vehicles of different sizes to meet different removal needs. However, if it happens that all our vehicles are engaged with other removal projects, there is no cause for alarm as we will still be able to meet your requirement. We have access to any size of vehicle required for the execution of factory plant removals project thanks to our healthy rapport with a lot of big vehicle hire businesses and other reliable removal companies.

Factory moving solutionsOur quotation pack is complete. It contains all the necessary details about every aspect of the factory moving services provided by us, such as times, description of work to be done each, methodology to be used, risk assessment method and others. Our scope of work or the limit of the services of we will provide all also stated clearly in the project so that there will be no disconnect anywhere. Everybody will have a full understanding of what is required from us and what are not required to be done. The factory moving paperwork will be provided to you so that you will go through it. If you are satisfied with it, you can sign it. Once it is signed, your job will be booked with our operations department. The operation department will assign works to different individuals that will handle it and also make arrangement for all the resources including equipment, tools, materials and vehicles required for the relocation of factory plants and equipment  in compliance with what the stipulations of the paperwork you signed. The labeling pack and all the labels as well as the move guidance packs will be made available to you.

Factory Relocation Project Management

Indeed, we are different from other commercial movers that offer factory relocation services. But the question to be answered here is what make us different from other companies. First, we pay attention to the last details. We always put into practice the guiding principle of our managing director 'it is the little things that matter.' In compliance with this principle, we always take time to plan in full detail any commercial relocation service we offer. We make sure that we provide our clients with details of the services we are to offer them before the move date. The paperwork will contain the contact details of all the key members of our staff involved in the removal so that if our client has a need to contact any of them, he will have any problem finding their content. They are also given out of hours contact details of heads of each team and senior management staff. You can contact them at anytime of the day throughout the week even during the weekend.

This unequal dedication from our management and removal teams that makes it possible for us to provoke our customers with the highest level of customer oriented services. This separates us from most other removal business that always leave the work for the lower ranked staffs to handle. The paperwork prepared by our factory relocation management team  will also contain the full details of the move. So, you will know everything about the move. You can ask question if you don't understand any aspect of the project. Good a thing, we have efficient customer care support system that functions on 24/7 basis.

Personalised factory moving service

Each factory removal service is unique and has different requirements. Thus, we handle each move different. We are able to do this because we run a flexible system which makes it possible for us to tailor our services to meet the requirements of our clients. We work with the belief that the situations of our clients are different. Thus, we plan each client's project different taking time to do analysis of the situations and requirements. We will assign our office moving manager to you. He will pay you a visit in your factory to discuss your removal needs and also assess your factory or take a look at the various items that you will be relocating with. Our project manager will also provide a full advice on factory employee relocation process. After this assessment and discussion with you, a package that will meet your requirements will be worked out for you.

Health and safety during factory relocation

Plant transportationOur pre-move planning include a careful consideration of the health and safety requirements of the project. During this stage, we establish a complete risk assessment method statement for all stages of the project. We have provided all our operative staffs with the training they require to spot potential hazard and develop second risk assessment before beginning their work on daily basis. In this way, they make sure that your staff and other people around during the move are protected from dangers. We work with only senior managers who have received the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) certification in Managing Safely. The organisation oversees the health and safety of professionals in UK. Thus, if you hire our services, you should have a rest of mind that everything is ok especially as regards the health and safety of your staff. We always maintaing the highest safety standards, regardless if it is manufacturin relocation or hospital relocation job.

We take the interest of our clients at heart and we will do everything possible to make the move less stressful and more cost effective for our clients. We will execute all aspects employing the most possible cost effective method.

Hiring professional factory movers

We have been relocating heavy equipment and machines used in factory for many decades now. The good news is that we have successfully relocated many factories in the past and we are still relocating factories successfully today. We have clients that used our factory relocation in Manchester, Newcastle, Derby, Leicester, be it also office removals in Liverpool and other areas.

Knowing fully well the difficult nature of factory removals service, we have established a reliable relocation team comprising engineers and transports. The engineering department consists of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers while the transport department comprises different teams including packers, movers and others. With our various teams, we are able to offer a complete factory removals package. We accept all types of manufacturing relocation services regardless of how small or difficult the task involved are. However, we treat each project in the same manner applying the same quality standards and controls whether it involves removal of a complete industrial site and a single piece of machinery.

We are quite aware that factory relocation normally disrupts business activities causing great downtime. But we always work hard to reduce downtime to the barest minimum employing the optimized planning techniques in order to make full use of the available resources. Our project management team are trained to be dedicated to duty. They approach all project with high sense of dedication and this is why they will always be present during any meeting called in respect of the project.

From our main base in the British Midlands, our business removals Warrington team of professionals including fitters and engineers will cover other parts of the country as well as other locations within Europe and internationally. Besides our strong and reliable workforce, we have also invested heavily in lifting and transport vehicles of different sizes. This makes it possible for us to meet each person's requirement.

International factory moving services

We provide international factory moving services including office and factory relocation. Working in collaboration with other reliable businesses, we are able to relocate offices, factory and the entire production lines from UK to another country successfully. We have a fleets of vehicles of different types and other equipment such as handling and lifting equipment, jacking system, lorry mounted cranes, fork lift trucks, versa-lifts and others. With these pieces of equipment, our workforce and international partners, we are always successful with any international factory removals service. You can request a quote online directly from our website or contact us through phone. In case you have any inquiry to make, our customer care support service is available to answer all your questions.

Industrial plant relocationTo show our dedication to job, we provide each of our client with the contact details of a director or a senior management personnel in charge of their projects so that they will be able to contact them at anytime of the day or whenever there is a need for that. This person will be aware of your project and agreement with us. So, he will always work together with removal teams handling your project in order to ensure that they are able to complete the project according to plan and in time. We are highly flexible in our operation and thus, we are able to work both within work hours and out of work hours. We can implement removals during weekends and at night especially for time-sensitive projects or projects that require high sense of urgency thanks to our flexibility. We are always available to meet your requirement and satisfy you with our relocation service working hard to reduce the downtime to the barest minimum. Just hire us to do your relocation service and we will be able to relocate your safely and successfully. Check our office removal companies in Blackpool that are ready to undertake even the most complicated commercial project.

Complete range of factory plant relocation services

We provide a comprehensive factory removal and relocation services with high level of proficiency and reliability. We are a UK based removal company and are among the few that are able to offer a complete range of removals services including testing and maintenance, industry specific installation of factory plant and machinery and dismantling. We also supply protection materials, and hire office moving crates at attractive rates. We take care of all aspects of factory relocation services in our removal process including the following:

  • Machinery transport and shipping, factory equipment installations and leveling at destination.
    Shipping and delivery of all kinds of factory plant equipment and industrial plants are parts of our removal and transportation services. We also offer factory development laboratory relocation solutions. In case you require such services, you should let us know.
  • Machine and plant maintenance and preparation
    Given our many years of experience in industrial and commercial sectors, we have acquired the required skills and proficiency in handling different kinds process and production lines. We are optimistic that if you hire our services, you will not regret it. We will meet your expectation.
  • Industrial equipment dismantling and decommissioning
    In our industrial plant dismantling, we are able to provide different kinds of services which include a total global relocation, dismantling and shifting of machinery within your existing factory. We also offer IT services, be it control room server relocation or other it equipment in the factory.
  • Project planning and management

We do not stop at the above. We go the extra mile by providing a helpful manufacturing plant relocation checklist to any of our clients that wants. The checklist is well researched and written by experts. Thus, it is comprehensive and will really help you to prepare for factory removals and installation of factory machinery in compliance with all relevant CDM regulations. Proper means of disposing waste are also examined in the tips and guides contained in our blogs.

We are a UK based removal company. But given our experience, skills, robust partnership with international agents and flexibility, we are able to offer you a wide range of removal services not just within the UK but throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Major industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, furniture and food processing industries can use our services. Whether it is just office furniture removals project or complicated factory plant transportation.

What you should about moving factory production lines?

If you are planning for factory removal, there are a number of things that you should know. Here are factors to take into consideration in this regard.

  • Legal requirements during factory removals
    There are legal requirements that have to be met during factory requirements including dismantling of plant and equipment. Besides, health and safety regulations should also be abide by especially when dismantling, transportation and reinstallation in another location is involved. This is why it is important for factory relocation to be carried out by qualified and experienced production plant removal companies like us. It takes a reliable removal company to meet up with such requirements.
  • Factory moving costs
    One of the problems associated with factory relocation is down-times. This is a fact that you are already aware of. As you will realise, downtime can increase the cost of production and also it can pollute your relationship with your customers. We start our removal process by first pre-planning and managing it regardless of the quantity of loads involved be it large load or a single load. Pre-planning the process helps you to determine a more affordable means of providing your with the service. In other words, you will get your services at a more affordable price if you hire a professional than when you hire a non-professional or removal company that does not specialise in factory removal.
  • Experienced factory movers
    Factory relocation project requires experience owing to the nature of project. For example, if you want to relocate a machine that provides support to steelwork and concrete platforms, you will have to move them together with the equipment. Manufacturing plant removal specialists are also required to have the necessary qualification as well as the knowledge to carry out removal service, fabricate and install new parts when there is a need for that.
  • Environmental regulations
    Regardless of the reasons why you are moving, be it for decommissioning for demolition and moving it for a new owner, it is of crucial importance that you leave the site in such a manner that it is environmentally safe. The relocation paperwork must include a plan for waste disposal which must comply with the environmental regulations. In this regard, we meet the requirements as well because we have the experience and certification required for factory relocation.