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Employee relocation services

Take care of your staff. This is of vital importance because they are the most important asset your business has. If you are moving business that will require the relocation of company staff, it is of crucial importance that you hire a reliable corporate relocation company of the highest order. We feel glad to tell you that we are the right company that handle the relocation of company employees. Besides relocating office team, we are also able to provide other assistance regarding the move such as visa assistance, school searches for their family members and others.

When it comes to staff removal and internal relocation services, we have remained unbeatable in the industry providing our clients with the best services. Whether you are planning for internal staff relocation within your current building, between buildings or looking for employee relocation from London to Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool or any part of the UK, we can offer suitable solutions. We will always meet your requirements. We can relocate single employee locally or even move more than 10,000 office staff. So, always come to us when you are planning office removals in London regardless of the number of staff involved in the relocation. We do not reject project. Once you hire us to provide this service for you, there is no need to worry yourself about anything. Be rest assured that we will deliver the project excellently well because we have the knowledge, experience, resources and dedication to meet the requirements of any project excellently well. In case you require more information on our employee relocation assistant services, kindly contact us. You can request more information by completing our contact us form.

Company employee relocation assistance

Moving employee belongingsUsually we provide office staff relocation on weekly basis but unlike most of our competitors, we are able to offer employee relocation assistance job during working hours of the weekdays and out of working hours as well as during the weekend depending on which one is the most suitable for you and your business. We make effort to reduce disruption of your business activities and downtime to the barest minimum. This is why we also offer employees moving services in the evening, out of hours and weekends. We are capable of delivering perfect internal churns regardless of the company's size, regardless of the locations, as we cover the entire UK. Be it commercial relocation from Nottingham to Leeds, Edinburgh to Gloucester or York to Swansea we have the solutions you are looking for.

We are quite aware that each relocation project is quite different and has its unique requirements. This is why we handle each project differently and always tailoring our services to meet our clients' requirements, be it small office relocation locally within London or hospital relocation project, we know how to handle employee relocation.  Knowing full well that every client has his unique requirements and situations, we first of all start each project with thorough assessment of the client's situation and requirement (which is done during a free office removals survey) in order to draw a plan that will suit the project. We will assign you a well-trained office relocation project management assistant that will visit your site in order to have a discussion with you on your requirement and then assess your office. In this way, a perfect package that meet your requirements will be established for you. The plan which is the outcome of the assessment will act as a guide for us.

Office staff relocation planning

Office staff movingSince our inception, we have successfully undertaken a lot of office relocation projects. Thus, commercial relocation has become our area of strengths. We are quite aware that it involves some health and safety risks. This is why we are very careful in planning any project. Our expert relocation planners are very proficient and we will spot all potential risks during the planning stage. They are able to establish, a complete full risk assessment method statement for all stages of the office staff relocation project (check example of our risk assessment form). Besides, all the members of the crew that handle every project for us are very efficient in spotting hazards and establishing secondary risk assessments before beginning any responsibility assigned to them on daily basis. In this way, they ensure that your staff and any other person that will be around the execution of their work including themselves are not exposed to any health and safety risks or that the risks to which they are exposed to are highly minimised in situation where it is impossible to avoid the risk completely. They are able to do this thanks to the training they are given.

After a thorough assessment of your requirements regarding employee moves, our  project manager will set out to plan collaborating with you and other members of your staff that are involved in the move. At the end, he will provide a free quotation documentation that will be issued to you which will contain every detail of the project with impressive clarity and conciseness. Your scope of work or your responsibilities as well as our responsibilities during the removal project and the responsibilities of any other third party that you may engage in the project will be clearly stipulated in the quotation documentation that will be issued to you. It will contain the methodology which will show every task that will be carried out during the office employee relocation project, the day and time it will be carried. It will also state the costs of employee removals project or the total office moving costs. With this detail, you will be able to plan yourself very well.

Transportation of employee itemsOur free office moving quote will be turned in to our operation department for booking, once you approve and sign it. After your order has been booked, the department will also send confirmation of details and dates, resources and vehicles to be utilized for the project. The employee office moving crates and labels as well as a labelling guide of the crates and items will be sent to you. One the day scheduled for the move, our crew will come to the site on time as agreed and carry out their responsibilities  offering professional employee relocation support.

To ensure that you are properly guided and that you are not left alone in any stage of the project, we will provide you with the out of hours contacts including the contact of your move manager. You can call any of the numbers at any time of the day you want throughout the year or until the project is completed. The contact given to you will provide answers to all your questions and clear all your confusions. Don't bother, they are friendly, gentlemanly and humane. Thus, you will enjoy working with them.

Relocating employees

If you hire our services, you will have a peace of mind because we are going to assist you in every stage of the employee move from the beginning to the completion. But that is not all that we will do for you. We will ensure that the most effective and inexpensive method is applied in the execution of the project. The planning will capture all the requirements of your business. Nothing will be left out. In this way, you will be completely satisfied with the quality of the services we will offer you.

We aim to provide our clients with top quality and complex services, regardless of the complexity of the project, be it warehouse relocation or small office moving – we can adjust our services accordingly to your requirements. This is why we provide them with a complete range of services including but not limited to office furniture dismantling, reassembling, decommissioning and decommissioning, office furniture sustainable recycling, computer relocations, files and records packing, archive storage and many more. Kindly contact us in case you require any removal service so that we will have a discussion with you on any additional services you may require during your employee transfer. Discussing your requirements with you will help us to know the best method to implement them.

How to organize employee relocation?

If your employee is transferred and the persons requires help with a lot of things such as home search, visa, schools and others, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be of help to you and the staff. When you contact us, we will have a discussion with you on the relocation needs of employee.

We have a team of reliable office staff relocation professionals. They have been trained to provide our clients with reliable and satisfactory out-sourced global workforce mobility services. They are able to handle any project for any person whether you are a small business or a large corporation or a multinational. In order to meet the requirements of all our clients, we provide a complete range of employee removals services including crucial aspects such as immigration, international relocation, destination services to corporation, moving, immigration law firms, local businesses, corporate relocation firms, immigration law firms and individuals.

Individuals and families as well organisations of different kinds and capacities, institutions like schools and universities and government agencies can also hire our services and get professional relocation assistance to new employees. So, whether it is a company sponsored relocation project or not, we can undertake it with a high level of proficiency. In case you require detailed information or additional information on our services, do not hesitate to contact us either via email or phone call. Check our contact us page for the details of our office moving services in Birmingham contact number. We will be pleased to hear from you. Best rest assured that all your questions and queries will be expertly handled.

As already mentioned above, we are highly flexible with our services and thus we are able to provide a wide range of services tailoring each to meet the requirements of our clients. Below are the various services that are part of our employee relocation assistance.

Global Visa and Immigration Services

We can help you to determine eligibility for visa to employees with our eligibility assessments. We can also assist you with employee visa application process. Other services we provide under our global visa and immigration services include renewal assistance, visa tracking, de-registration and visa cancellation.

Moving services

Here, we will provide your employees professional support with their relocation to new location, it include vehicle shipping, pet relocation, storage, packing and shipping for both international and domestic move and many more. For stress-free employee relocation you should hire local office movers Glasgow.

Home search for employee

Our services under home search include renewals for relocating employees, temporary housing, home finding, company hand-overs and lease negotiations as well as tenancy management services for corporate clients.

HR and legal issues during employee relocation

Employees and their employers have their responsibilities as well as their obligations when their companies relocate to other locations. The employment contract of an employer also takes care of the employer's working location. Consequently, there should be a change in employment contract if there is a relocation of the working location of the employee.

Employee relocation supportIf the business location of an employer is moved, the situation of the employee depends on a number of factors. The first factor that will determine the situation of the staff is the employment contract's terms of the employee in question. Mobility clause is included in the terms of some employment contract. The mobility clause may oblige an employer to move within a stipulated limit. An employee may be compelled by such circumstances to relocate to a new area in compliance with the stipulations of the mobility clause insofar as the terms are reasonable.

The major issues that the employer should consider when moving office staff and business premises are as follows:

  • How far the new location is from the current location
  • The transportation links at the new location
  • How many members of the staffs that the move will affect
  • How many employees to be relocated that have children below the age of 16 to take care of or older children as well as vulnerable adults
  • The timescale allowed for the move and whether it is reasonable when juxtaposed with the distance to be moved
  • Give enough time for discussion on the move with the employees and giving them notice of the planned move earlier enough

The employer must take the following into consideration with regard to the terms of contracts

  • If the contract of the employment contains the mobility clause and whether it is proper to the circumstance surrounding the planned moved
  • Whether the employees have been given reasonable notice about the proposed move and whether they are adequately consulted
  • Whether the employees should be provided with employee relocation package
  • Whether they have been given some trial period at the new location
  • Whether relocations assistance to new employees is provided

Another important factor to take into consideration during workforce relocation is discrimination. Here are things to take into consideration in this regard:

  • Disabled access and transport issues should be addressed by the employer with regard to the new premises.
  • Individual employee or a particular group of employees should not be adversely affected by the relocation
  • The employer must take into consideration the reasonable requirements of any disabled workers
  • What should be done if a staff does not want to move
  • The refusal of a staff to relocate can be as a result of the following reasons:
  • The employment at the existing location does not exist any longer.
  • An alternative is offered to the employee but he or she considers the offer unsuitable and thus declines it.

There are a number of factors that will determine whether redundancy will be paid by an employer or not. Such factors include the duration the employee has worked with the employer and whether the decline of a suitable alternative offer by the staff is unreasonable which is the most important factor.

The circumstances determine the distance which is considered reasonable. Thus, reasonability in terms of distance is determined by the circumstances. For example, if the new location is within a drivable distance of few miles or if it can be accessed with public transport as well as private car, it will not be reasonable for the employee to decline the offer. On the other hand, it may be reasonable for a staff to refuse to move if the new location is very far and the journey will be difficult for the employee or the change in location affects the employee's personal life.

Redundancy is considered to be a type of dismissal and thus a staff may make claims for unfair dismissal if they are not satisfied with the treatment given to him or her.

Therefore, the employer should take the following into consideration:

  • Consider the circumstances of each individual with regard to the move
  • Provide the office staff reasons for the relocation
  • Meet and have a discussion with the employees before taking a definitive conclusion
  • If the number of employees affected by the move is up to 20, the company should elect the representatives of the staff in order to undertake collective consultation
  • If the number of office staff affected in a 90 day period is up to 20, the employer should follow detailed consultation process and procedure and then let Secretary of State know about it

Employee relocation rights

Commercial establishments and companies may have a lot of reasons for relocating their bases. Some of the reasons include acquiring a bigger business premises, reducing cost, easy access to raw material, availability inexpensive raw material, merging with another business and many more. If relocation is unavoidable, employers should ensure that they consult and communicate their plan for move to their staff as well as their representatives before taking a stand.

Employment agreementEmployees may refuse to relocate owing to a number of factors like house price, increased travel costs, age, family commitments and the likes. The biggest challenge facing an employer may be to persuade the key members of the business to move. This can be achieved in a number of ways such as provision of attractive employee relocation package, appropriate support, payment of the cost for employee relocation, making arrangement for a mortgage. Another means through which the offer can be achieved is to provide a trial relocation period during which the new location can be tried by the employees in order to become acquainted with the new location, settle down first before being able to make a decision.

The rights of the employee during relocation depends on the content of their employment contract and mainly whether there is mobility clause in it or not. An employee may be required to relocate by the mobility clause. If the contract contains such a mobility clause that requires an employee to move, the person has no choice to relocate unless such reason as financial constraints, disruption to family life and others make the move unreasonable for the employee. However, what is meant by being reasonable is not well defined. It can be subject to different interpretation. Thus, it is left for the individual employee to discuss it with his employer during the move.

As an employer, if you are moving definitely, you will be moving with employees whose contract contain mobility clause unless they are able to establish that it is unreasonable for them to move with you.

When employees should relocate?

Employees are required to move when a business relocates. In this regard, an employee should refer to its employment contract for mobility clause. Employee is required by the mobility clause to relocate within a certain limits. This implies that employees can be forced by their employers to relocate to areas allowed by the clause insofar as such a move is not reasonable.

For example, it is not reasonable trying to force an employee to relocate to another country after a day notice. Even if such a move is possible, it is quite unreasonable and will throw the employee into untold difficult situations. Such unreasonable requests can be resolved through a number of ways.

The decision to move or not to move is left completely for employees that do not have mobility clause in their contract to decide.

There are certain conditions under which an employee may be entitled to redundancy pay as a right. Below are the conditions that will be satisfied for an employee to have the right to redundancy pay.

They satisfy the redundancy requirements and criteria – for example:

  • an employer has hired them for a certain period of time.
  • The employer has refused to give them any compensation because they refuse to move.
  • Their reason for declining an offer for suitable alternative work is not unreasonable.

'Unreasonable' here may mean declining the offer to move even when the new location is within a distance that an employee can get to using a public transport or private car.

However, an employee refusal to move may be reasonable if difficult journey is involved in the move or if the move will affect the employee's private and family life like children's education.

Employers are obliged to compensate employees for relocation if it is specified in their contract but if no such provision is made, compensation is not obliged on the employer.

Disputes over relocations should be resolved by the employers and employees; for example, if the employees think that the employer is unreasonably refusing them a redundancy payment.

Employee relocation when a business is acquired by another

The rights of employees are protected by certain rules and regulations if the business employing them is sold to another by the initial employer that hired them and the new owner wants them to relocate. These regulations are called the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE).

All the rights of the employees including redundancy protection and contractual rights remain untouched whether the move is introduced by the new owner or the initial owner.

In case you need more details about the relocation of a business of what happens when a business is moved, you should contact the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration.

How to handle employee relocation?

Office employees relcoateStaff relocation can be very stressful and challenging. But given our expertise and experience, we are capable of taking the load off your shoulder by handling all aspects of your business staff relocation for you and by being available to them during every stage of the project. We have unbeatable experience in providing employee relocation assistance. Relying and applying our experience, we will be able to overcome any difficult. Our team of corporate relocation consultants are highly proficient and are capable of handling any relocation project perfectly well. Whether it is moving entire office staff or one member, either within the country or across the border, we will meet the challenge. Our aim is to ensure that we accomplish all relocation projects successfully.

We are quite aware that staff relocation whether locally or internationally is sometimes very crucial to the business. Whether you are relocating a few of the executive members of your staff or the entire staff, our team of reliable local and international employee relocation experts are at your beck and call. They have proven records and thus you can trust them. With them, you will be surprised on how this project will turn out to be a stress-free and painless process.

We offer a complete full range of corporate relocation services which include:
  • Group Orientation
  • Home Purchase Assistance and Temporary Accommodation Needs
  • Single/Family Orientation
  • Assistance with cars
  • School search
  • Settling-in programme
  • Furniture rental
  • Service apartments
  • Partner support programme
  • Cross cultural training in the UK before departure
  • Global storage solutions
  • Policy issues
  • Global storage solutions
  • Removal and shipping services
  • Visa and immigration assistance

For detailed information on our employee moves services or for sound advice, you contact us either via email or phone call. A member of our team of consultant will speak with you to attend to your entire question.

We have a wealth of experience in moving office employee internationally and locally. We can simplify the process by applying our experience at every stage of the project. With our experience and expertise, the move will be possible for you. Whether you are moving office team within London, Bradford, Newcastle, Blackpool or to another country, we leave it at the discretion of your staff to decide on the aspect of our services that will be suitable for them or that will satisfy their requirements. We have designed our package in such a way that with our support, your employees and their family members will find it very easy to adjust to the new environment and settle in their new homes with well reduced disturbances. Moving to a new environment can be very challenging but we have always succeeded in making it a smooth process for families that are moving.

By using our services, you are sure that the relocation of your staffs will be coordinated to suit your schedule. With our efficient services, the downtime to be experienced by your business will be highly reduced. In this way, you will be able to have time to attend to other things involved in your relocation plan knowing full well that your employees are well settled and that they are in the right place at the right time and are available when you require them. Our services will also ensure that you do not experience much downtime in your business operations.

We are specialist in corporate and business relocation. We have a team of well-trained removers. They are good at different aspects of removal. They will ensure that your items are properly packed, loaded into the relocation vehicle and then transported to the final location. Apart from general office relocation services, we also offer other services in order to make the relocation a complete success and also to allow you time to attend to other business of yours. In fact, you sit back and relax and watch us do everything for you. Some of the services we offer are packing and unpacking service, relocation insurance for a complete peace of mind, self-packing in case you want to do the packing yourself and save cost, storage services and many more. We have carried out relocation services and other services to many companies in and around the UK. We are successful with all of them and so we will also be successful with your relocation services.

Our target is to help you achieve smooth company and employee relocation and we will go to any length in achieving that. Besides providing you with the services you require, we are also willing to offer you professional advice that will help you to achieve a successful employee removals service both locally or internationally, be it moving employee to Germany, Australia, France, USA or any other country. We have the man power, resources and equipment to help you relocate your staff safely and smoothly with the move being coordinated and integrated into the entire project of relocation.

Transporting employee goods to a new location

We are also able to offer transportation of employee belongings using different means of transportation such as air, sea and road. Each of these means of transportations are good. You can use any of them. It is your situation that will determine which option that is most suitable for you. For time sensitive delivery or urgent delivery, air transit should be the best option. But the problem with air transit is that it is more expensive than others. Not every business will be able to afford it. Road transport is cheaper and more flexible but not as fast as airport. It is the most common means of transportation, especially in case of employee relocation to Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Denmark, Poland or other European destinations. But there is a limit to the weight and volume of items that can be transported through. It is the best option for intra state shipment or shipment within the same location. Shipment by sea is the most suitable for the shipment of bulky and weighty items or for shipment to far distant location, especially in case you are relocating employee to Canada, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Brazil or any overseas locations. It is the most affordable means of transportation but it is the slowest. It is the best option where time is not issue.
If you need financial document shredding of your employees please contact us so we can discuss services needed.

We provide our client with different kinds of insurance options. We cover every need in our insurance services. So, you will have a rest of mind if you purchase the right insurance coverage from us with the knowledge that the valuables of your employees are well protected and covered while in transit or in our possession. So, if any item belonging to any of your employee is damaged, the owner will be compensated for that. This means you will not go to office to meet disgruntled employees or get letters of complaints about damaged items. We have made it very easy for them allowing them to choose from our range of insurance options, the best package that will satisfy their individual needs.