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Server relocation

Most businesses and institutions today have servers and IT equipment to be able to exist online. Definitely, they will be in need of server elocation service anytime they are moving office. It is recognised that the relocation of servers and server room equipment requires special attention during a major move and therefore a dedicated specialist team to support this part of the relocation should be provided. A variety of server removals services are available designed to make the move go as smoothly as possible and, should the client require it, enhance the final product at the new location. Our specialists cover the entire UK, offering affordable services relocation in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, Blackpool and other areas.

Server relocationGenerally, to minimise downtime, and therefore service impact, servers will be the last to be powered off and the first to be powered on. However, because this has the effect of limiting the time frame available for the relocation, server removals specialists will, in liaison with the client's representative, create and be bound by a strict schedule for each move phase. Server removals is critical to the success of the transition project, therefore to ensure the overall success of the server relocation our local London office removals companies will provide a dedicated server-team whose only task is to ensure that the agreed schedule timescales and quality standards are met.

Depending upon the complexity of the data cenre relocation proejct and the number of servers involved we can provide either Accredited Engineers or Server-aware engineers as appropriate for the product.

In some cases the server type may fall outside of our standard offerings. In this situation we can involve the server manufacturer / supplier in the relocation activity and manage their involvement for the client. Check our services and compare office removal costs that include IT equipment relocation servicecs.

Moving server and IT equipment

One thing that you should bear in mind when you are moving server and IT equipment is that they are very complicated and fragile and thus require expert handling. You should look for the best server and IT equipment relocation service provider to handle such equipment for you. It is risky trusting such fragile equipment to an inexperienced and unprofessional mover. Any poor handling of the equipment before and during the entire server moving project can cause great or irreparable damage to your server, IT equipment and other data centre stuff. Besides, repairing damaged server can be very costly and complicated. It takes an IT professional data centre movers to do that. To avoid such an experience, you should look for experience and reliable server removals company.

Server storage servicesHaving been in the office removals industry for a number of years and having successfully moved a number of servers, we feel happy and confident to say that we are the right company to move your server and IT to any location you want. So far we have executed hundreds of server removals project across the UK. We offer our server moving services in Birmingham, York, Wigan, Oxford, Cambridge and many more locations in the entire UK, including budget-friendly office moving services Bristol.

We have the necessary expertise and experience required to provide server moving services at the highest quality level.  There is no doubt that you might have come across many commercials claiming to provide excellent server racks relocaation and data cabinets moving services. We are not like other removal companies that do not keep to the promises they make in their commercials and ads. We have successfully removed servers and IT of our previous clients. They can testify to us. In case you need referral, we can provide you with some for you to be convinced that we are equal to the task and capable of providing you with flexible, highly secure and reliable server relocation services.

Server migration planning and management

The server relocation process can be divided into the following stages:

Server pre move activities:

  • A hardware audit must take place and a schedule produced either by the server relocation manager or by the client. The details should include the current location, the new location, serial numbers/asset numbers etc.
  • The service impact analysis should be carried out to establish dependencies, taking into account existing Service Level Agreements with users, connectivity and business cycles. By doing this, timings may be calculated which will ensure that the server relocation will create minimal disruption to the clients users.
  • The power down sequence will be fully discussed, agreed and documented with the client
  • Digital Photographs may be taken of all server racks prior to the move, to assist in the final re-racking process.
  • For more complicated server racks that wiring schematics should be produced to assist in the re-assembly at the new location.
  • Back-up making

Decommissioning of servers

Server decommissioning servicesThe server rack moving company should not not power down any server until they have a signed off agreement from the client that the necessary back-ups have been taken and are secure.

Typically, Server equipment will be the last to be powered off, and the first to be powered on.

The configuration details and connectivity will be accurately labelled and noted on the server moving sheet that will accompany the equipment during relocation. This means that when the equipment arrives at the new position the engineer can quickly check that all the components are present.

Should racks need to be dismantled, and then all individual cards, shelves, and sliders will be labelled prior to the relocation.

Server related keyboard, monitor, mouse and switches will be accompanied by an IT moving sheet and labelled, ready for re-installation at their new location

Server re-commissioning

The full equipment schedule and the technology control sheet accompanying each item will be used as a reference to ensure that all the equipment is present at the new position. Our professional cable management process will ensure that cables are laid in following dedicated cable routes such that equipment is accessible and serviceable. The equipment will then be reassembled as per its required configuration and location and connections replaced to the common equipment such as switch, mouse, keyboard and Monitor.

In liaison with the client's representative, the servers will be powered up, and all components checked for power up functionality. When testing is complete the control sheet will be signed off and the server handed over to the client's representative for final checks.

Server movers

Server moversAs servers are business critical, extra care is required in the packing and transportation. Therefore items will be handled using antistatic precautions where appropriate.

Larger equipment will be packed by server movers into antistatic bubble wrap and transferred to foam lined cages. Items such as flat screen monitors and large monitors are offered extra protection methods when moving by packing the voids with additional foam. The benefit of using cages for larger types of equipment are that handling is smoother than in the moving crates and, because the items are clearly in view, the need for the equipment to be handled with more care is psychologically highlighted. 

Smaller items will be transported in crates as appropriate.

The cages will be loaded onto air ride vehicles for transfer to the new site. Inside the vehicle, server racks will be fastened to dedicated fixing points against the sides of the vehicle, and all rack corners protected. Server related bespoke pedestals, benches etc. will be included in the server relocation. Equipment will be placed as per the agreed equipment room and rack layout at the new location.

Quite often we provide our services to local schools, moving hundreds computers and other IT euqipment each year. For any educationl equipment relocation you should contact our school removal companies.

Office computer and server removals

We know that servers and IT equipment are unique. Thus their removal process should be different from the removal process of any other item. Consequently, we have developed effective server relocation strategy and plan. If you have unique need, our planning team will work in collaboration with your IT professionals in order to develop the best strategy for relocating your server.

Our server removals service comprises various aspects including the planning aspect. There are also technical, logistical and business aspects of the removal. These aspects will ensure that during the relocation, there is little or no interruption in your business operation. It also ensures that the downtime is reduced to the barest minimum no matter where other branches of your business are located.

We know the importance of servers and compuers in the doing of business today. Your business will definitely be affected if your server is not functioning properly. We are aware of this fact. This is why we don’t joke with deadline. During the planning stage, we will work out the possible deadline for the completion of the computer relocation project. Our experts will ensure that they don’t exceed the deadline. Most of the time, they have the work done ahead of the deadline. We have no history of delay in our record. So, you can trust us in that regard. We guarantee you satisfaction just like our other clients are satisfied.

Another aspect where we have excelled and set the benchmark for other business removal companies is the area of security. We know that servers and othr data cenre equipemnt can be very costly and thus can be the target of hoodlums and criminal minded people. We have taken steps to protect your server against thefts. But going beyond this, we also take measures for protection against any unwanted incidence or element that will cause some damage to the server. For example, during the transportation part of the service, none of your server or IT equipment is left unattended. Vehicles used for transportation are in the best of the shape and well furnished with necessary equipment for maximum protection against elements of weather and shocks that can damage the server. We have also obtained necessary insurance covers to carter for unforeseen damages and losses.

As experienced and data centre relocaction service provider, we offer a wide range of service which include but not limited to the following:

  • complete decommission and re-commissioning
  • de-rack and re-rack
  • dedicated project management
  • structured engineering services
  • high quality equipment cabling and cable management
  • server and it equipment transport with proper insurance
  • safe and neat packing of server and it equipment with the right packing materials
  • disposal of electronic equipment

Enhanced server rack relocation service

Server rack relocationAs customers and their systems grow, server racks inevitably become untidy and disorganised. The rack relocation should be seen as an opportunity to enhance the current configuration and build in some growth.

With this situation in mind our server relocation companies can provide a Rack Design and Configuration Service. Our IT experts will discuss and develop ideas for preferred rack layouts and future growth opportunities. They will offer a variety of options, from simply mirror imaging your current configuration, should that be the most appropriate, to complete rack rearrangements, all of which will be completed during the relocation programme.  

For further peace of mind office removals can recommend, discuss and agree contingency plans and disaster recovery requirements.

Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery for server damage and long downtime

If required our server move team can carry out data backups prior to the relocation. The risk analysis for the smooth transfer should be carried out by the server mover together with the client to develop Contingency and Disaster recovery plans. A spares holding may also be set up at the client's request. Third line support may be organised with the system manufacturer if considered appropriate and agreed with the client.