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School Removals Services

One of the most challenging times you will experience as a school administrator is when you have the need to relocate the school. This will increase if we are talking about a school with many classrooms, and when the move is to be completed within a limited space of time. We have been providing school and college removals services for many years and we have created and maintained a legacy of honesty, dependability and reliability. So if you are looking for a professional school removals assistance, then you shouldn’t search any further.

Whenever you hire us for upcoming school relocation, you can rest assured that people who will be handling the entire process are people that have been offering similar services to other schools and colleges in your area in the past years.  We cover the entire UK offering school removals in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Wigan and other locations.

College relocationBecause of the fact that we have full understanding of the nature of the school removals task, and we because we know how to simplify school relocation, this process is easier for us to arrange and carry out. We also understand the uniqueness in every school move. With this in mind, we make relentless and knowledgeable efforts to perform each school relocation project with the utmost care. One of the crucial aspects of school moving project is an efficient move to a new location with minimal disruption to both teaches and students and this can be achieved with usage of professional school relocation specialists.

We will assign certified consultants to you, and they will work hand in hand with you in the bid to come up with a move plan that is tailored to the need of your school removals project. When you hire us, your job will be completed within the given deadline and the entire stress will be removed from you, while the removal will be the most cost effective school removals service you will ever get, without hidden or added charges.

It doesn't matter to us if it single classroom removals, single item of school equipment moving or large college removals  - we can do undertake each type of education relocation quickly, efficiently and always offering  cheap school removals solutions.

Professional school movers

We have been building a massive reputation as one of the best business removals London companies offering primary or high school removals in London and the entire UK.  Within the past 5 years, we have succeeded in at least 50 school relocations in Birmingham, we also performed a lot of school moves in Manchester area, and this includes relocating schools for children with special needs, which is basically harder to move than other schools.

Whenever you are making a school removal plan, you have to realize that the most important aspect of it is the transition from one location to the other in a smooth manner without losing a significant amount of teaching and learning time. This is the ideal school move. When we perform your school relocation from Nottingham to Leeds, or moving school equipment from Oxford to Edinburgh , you can be sure that your school will be up and running at the beginning of the school time.

Clasroom removalsFor every type of school or college relocation job we always provide professional planning and managing services. We will estimate the number of movers that would be appropriate to carry out the move, the length of time that the move will take and the type of equipment required for moving school furniture, documents, files and other equipment.
By providing a wide scope of commercial moving services, including hospital removals services, warehouse removals, we have gained valuable experince that allows us to move any type of school or college easily, efficiently, quickly and with minimum distruption to the students and teachers.

We can boast of the fact that we have never provided a school removal service that was not successful or that was not completed within the given deadline and budget. For you to achieve the best and also cheap school relocation, you have to work with people who are knowledgeable in the handling and relocation of specialist school stuff, like moving special education equipment, moving school labs, relocating school library and moving school furniture.
We specialise in providing our school removals throughout the entire UK, including Liverpool, Leicester, York, Bristol, Edinburgh, Sheffield and anywhere in between.

School relocation planning and survey

Another thing you will enjoy from our movers is the fact that they have knowledge on how to save costs on school relocation project. Their task will start by surveying your entire school or college during our free school removals survey, to come out with a list of things you may like to move and also recommend the adequate amount of moving crates or boxes for the packing school items. Days before the move, at the agreed date and time for the moving survey, the consultant will also come around your school and in a lecture series, demonstrate to the entire staff the best way to pack school items to be moved as well as provide some usefull labelling tips. Regardless of the type of education removals services you require, our office move manager will be available at every phase of the moving project. This may include paying an on-site visit during the move proper. With this, all that you have been granted during the bidding process will be fulfilled to you.

Our services include offering a free assessment to your school detailing the number of boxes and crates that will be needed during your school relocation so as to pack up all your items. The services include our certified consultants also paying your school a visit and offering a detailed demonstration of the best way how to pack office items to your school representatives and movers.

Before the actual school relocation begins, there would be a meeting section between the consultant and all the other team members. This will also involve the move team and the project moving supervisor receiving briefings on the job at hand, the things that are involved and how to handle them. Every member of the moving team gets special tasks assigned to them to complete during the project. With this, the plan that is developed for the move is followed by the movers so as to accomplish the school moving tasks within the given timetable. The task also involves our certified consultant, the moving supervisor and the moving team getting to the site of the move on time everyday to conduct checks with the appointed school representatives. With this, the day to day plan for the move will be reviewed with the representatives from the school and work is begun.

If there is any demand from the representative of the school for some changes to be made in the proposed plan for the move, then it is the job of the consultant, the move team and the supervisor to come up with adjustments to accommodate such requested changes. We always offer the highest level of the service, whether it is only one classroom removals or large college relocation in London area. Apart from furniture or equipment moving services, we also offer employee relocation assistance.

Complex school relocation solutions

Moving school furnitureThe relocation of the contents of your school will be sent by our team under supervision. This is because only the best employees work with us. They are always properly trained, extremely skilled, professional and courteous sets of people. Because of the aforementioned, you do not have to entertain any fears about being assigned movers that are intelligent, friendly, dependable and qualified, and who have worked on other successful school relocations in the past.  Whenever you are ready for the move, or movers will arrive to your destination without any delays, properly dressed in their uniform and ready to offer the removal service to you. Their uniform will make it easy for your staff to identify them. Their uniform will comprise of the standard work apparel from our firm, and it will include work boots, pants, t-shirts with logos and hard harts when there is any need for that. All our movers will abide by the worker policies mapped out by your district for those that will work in school environments, and they are not smokers too.

After each days job, our supervisor will crosscheck with the representatives from your school so as to ascertain if the mapped out work for the day was achieved.  This will also liaise with the school representatives to ascertain if there is any other additional thing they would like repositioned or moved. When your education removals service is completed, be it full relocation or only school furniture removals, there will be a post move school relocation survey given to the representatives, so as to allow them grade the work we have helped them achieve.

School and college removals comapny

We are that commercial moving company that does not only send properties from one place to the other, but that customer service company that moves peoples properties. Within the past years, we have received many commendations and awards, and one of them is the one that talks about our excellent customer service to all our clients. One of the things that give us joy is watching the smile on your face when you receive the best care you can ever get from any removal firm from us, and when we are sure that all the things you were promised during the bidding and estimate phase has been delivered to you without any qualms. Many people have said that it is not possible to offer an outstanding customer service since customers have different things they consider as good services. But we are telling them that within the course of offering school or college removals to our client’s, what we offer them is heroic customer service. Are you looking for school relocation in Somerset area? Contact our commercial relocation Bristol branch and ask for a free estimate of our services.

We understand the fact that every school moving is a unique one and yours is not an exception. That is why we believe that the success of your move is very important to you, your students, your employees, and the entire district. Because of this, we have a lot of avenues for surveying the experiences of our customers through each move, so that we will be sure that the thing we deliver are the exact things we promised.
Check our flexible moving solutions, we can tailor our services to your requirements. Are you looking for cheap furniture removals solutions to transport a few desks from school in Derby to school in Leicester? We can offer our two man and a van option as it's the most cost effective for small deliveries.

Professional and certified school movers

All the consultants we use for school removals are people with certification, and this is the accredited body for nationwide certification. With this, you are sure that you are dealing with people that have the competence and the needed adherence to all the sales and ethical standards as mapped out by law.  This is one certification that does not come easily because all of our consultants had to enroll in their program, receive rigorous trainings and write tests. The competency exam which comes after the training is followed by taking an oath to abide by the codes of professionalism and ethics as set by the moving and storage association, only when you have passed the exam. So, whenever you choose us, you have to be sure that you are working with sales consultants that are knowledgeable in the moving field and committed to offering the best and fair service to your school district.

When you work with us, you will be working with a firm that has completed many certification programs.  We focus on promoting ethical principles in the storage and moving industry, and it actually works in alliance with state and federal governments in the bid to cushion moving practices that are not ethical. The major work of this body is to put a chasm between the professionally qualified movers and those rogue movers scattered all over the place. Another good thing about this program is what it does to the consumers. it provides them with a clear way to measure the quality of work offered to them and also goes a long way to recognize and reward giant strides and top notch professional achievements by dedicated professional movers.
Call us also if you need factory removal services. We do not specialize in school moving only, we provide variety of commercial moving solutions.

Fully insured school relocation

While we do everything within our professional ambience to ensure that the level of damage witnessed during your school or college relocation is reduced to the barest minimum, we also realize that accidents sometimes are inevitable. However, we have a set of certified moving consults who understand that each problem that occurs during the move should be taken care of as soon as it rears its ugly head. We have a warranty guarantee for our entire moving services, whether it is classroom removals, school furniture reamovls, college removals or school library relocation. In case of urgent occasions and damages, we will take care of the repair, replacement and cash out for the damages. It does not end here. What makes it mouth watering is the fact that we are guaranteeing this payment or settlements within two weeks.  This guarantee is coming your way simply because our certified consultants are given the power to make on the spot assessments and take necessary actions for settlements without any need to wait for a longer period of time.

Moving school libraryWhen you work with our school removal company, the risks that area associated with school removals will be reduced because we have a strong financial base.  The advantages will start from the fact that your schools district will be beaming with confidence, knowing full well that any problem that arises in the course of the removal will be properly taken care of. Again, our properly organized structure enables us to get into innovations that allow us to make use of advanced technology that gives us the chance to continue to improve on our services and also to reduce business moving costs of school removals. Because of our financial strength, we have been able to make huge investments in some wonderful equipment like climate controlled storage equipment, lift gate trailers, safe movers, panel carts, custom boxes, dollies, and handheld version of the electronic estimation devices.

We are a firm that incorporates all our staff as members of the firm. Because of this, all our claims adjusters, auditors, salespeople, custom care representatives, dispatchers and even planners have stakes in our firm. So they are all interested in the well being and progress of the company. This is to say that they will put in all their effort in working for you, so as to keep their firm moving. Because of this, we have the strongest financial base and have nothing to do with debts. We invest our profits into the firm, in the bid to buy more trucks, get more advanced technology, and improved training programs so as to serve you better.

Flexible school moving services

The fact is that our move mangers, porters and foramen are people with deep and long years of experience in complex logistics and demands of school removals. We have engaged in school removals that were completed in different phases within the same year. Within the course of these removals, some of the items were sent to some temporary premises, short and long term storage for school files and documents, and decant schools, before being finally moved to the new premises, and all these happened in stages that were carefully planned and executed.

There are many reasons why we boast of our expertise in school removals around London. This is mostly because you will enjoy some level of peace of mind while we serve you. Other things that you will enjoy from us to tell you that we are the best expert school removal firm in London include;

  • A full insurance coverage at every stage of the school moving project, which makes it risk free
  • Advice, counseling and the implementation of communications and IT infrastructure relocation- this will be given to you upon demand and it will ensure that all your systems and IT gadgets are up and running as soon as you settle down in your new school.
  • A custom crate manufacturing service to cover the unusual and awkwardly shaped items
  • Professional IT moving solutions for schools, including computer relocation, server relocation, racking, networking and other IT stuff moving
  • Crate hire service for the specialist IT solutions, and crates for clothes, books, files and other items
  • A full scale packing service
  • Safe disposal of your hard drives, DVDs, CDs, documents and equipment
  • Unwanted school furniture recycling
  • Secure and safe storage services for your planned or urgent storage needs
  • An experienced team that is carefully selected, and who are all used to complex school removal works
  • Efficient and swift implementation of school office removals plan to ensure on time operation and maintenance of staff morale
  • A responsive, personal and award winning school relocation service
  • A relocation itinerary that is tailor made to cover all the details of your school move, irrespective of how complex it may be