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    Professional hospital relocation solutions - specialist handling and secure transport

  • Hospital equipment moving

    Professional hospital removals including ward removals, laboratory equipment moving, theatre moves, hospital catering and kitchen moving.

  • Medical equipment relocation

    Complex medical practice relocation services. Moving confidential clinical documents, including patient health records.

Professional specialist hospital relocation

We can take care of all types of hospital removals that you may need. This will range from the simple ward relocations to the removal of the specialist clinical theaters. We have a team that comprises of trained and skilled firemen, aand nd fitters and packers that will undertake the relocation exercise, taking care of all the requirements that you may come up with.

Our pride comes through the fact that we offer the best possible and cheap hospital relocations you can ever imagine. We have won several awards in the business of hospital moving services, and this is very important to us because it helps in building a huge amount of confidence in our customers, making them to enjoy some peace of mind while allowing us to offer the best medical removals solutions to them. We cover the entire UK, offering hospital removals in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds and other locations.

Courteous, considerate and careful hospital removals services

Hospital hallThere are lots of specialist removal skills that are mostly required in order to offer successful removals of hospital. However, we have huge overlapping experience in our relocation portfolio that will help you understand areas where we have showcased complete mastery of all these skills. This is shown not just in the removal of a single doctor’s office, but also in the relocation of other areas like the receptions, store rooms, and even the more advanced wards and theaters, technical departments, confidential hospital libraries, biological and chemical laboratories and many other parts. Our office removals London branch have actually developed wonderful logistics and solutions in dealing with patients, hospital staff, families and the entire public through our experiences in nationwide hospital removals.

Hospital removals company

Offering the services of hospital removals for many years to many hospitals in London have shown us as being very competent in offering such perfect relocation services like;

Transporting MRI scanner
  • Removals of laboratories including all samples and chemicals
  • Doctor's rooms stuff packing and moving
  • Unpacking and packing of all confidential hospital records
  • Kitchen and catering removals
  • Theatre removals
  • Specialist ward removals General ward removals

One of the most important aspects of our hospital removal services is that we understand that each ward removal has some unique demands, and because of this, we make all efforts to ensure that the transition is a seamless one, so that there will be the shortest and smallest possible disruption to hospital running. We devise means to work while you are still able to concentrate on the patients. When it comes to specialist areas like the intensive care units, absolute contingency is built into our methods, so that enough time is mapped out for the removal.  This removes any possibility of additional or hidden charges. We also understand the fact that the reactions of the patients may bring a halt to the move at any point in time for it to be continued later. These are all factored in our planning.

We have a set of business removals staff that has the best training in packing, unpacking, and removal of the most confidential items and the best and strictest filing methods. While your relocation is ongoing, we will assign a Project Manager who will oversee and supervise the entire process so as to hand you a perfect relocation. Be it hospital relocation from Glasgow to London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool or any other please in the UK, we are happy to provide top quality medical moving services.

Medical equipment installationWe work with a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor who will assess all laboratory moves on time and also be on ground to offer any directives all through the move. We work with generator vehicles, and these could be manned by our ADR drivers if the need arises, so that the refrigerators will work all through the move. Before we embark on any move, we conduct a full risk assessment. However, when it comes to the laboratory moves, we become more cautious and strict, with adequate briefing to all the crews before the job is kick started and a supervision of the entire process.

We work with the employers, public, and product liability insurance of £10,000,000.00. This is also complimented by the removal and commercial storage insurance too. If the value of your items is much more than this, then it could be increased to accommodate them. We work with only employees with DBS clearance. By so doing, the safety of all children and vulnerable adults is insured.

Complex hospital moving services

We also undertake some other additional services while offering medical practice removals. They include services like dismantling and reassembling of any hospital furniture, sustainable recycling and hospital office furniture clearance, WEEE recycling, packing of patients records and files in the appropriate order, office computer movers and many others.  Call our UK hospital removal company, and we will arrive swiftly to serve you.

We have an excellent record in conducting relocation services for hospital facilities. We have offered these services to some of the biggest hospitals around. Our services include pick-ups, warehousing and storage, and delivery of the hospital equipment during renovations, move or temporary storage. We work with the most competitive pricing system, offering a comprehensive and integral service in the process.

Hospital removals planning and management

Many professionals in the healthcare sector have not had the opportunity to encounter the relocation of hospitals from an old faculty to an entirely new one with the latest technologies in place.  Those that have the opportunity to experience this will attest to the fact that achieving a successful hospital removals will normally take at least 16 to 18 months of serious planning that will consume a lot of time, energy, and effort among the clinicians and the administrators of the hospitals. 

The most important action towards achieving a successful relocation of a facility that is already running is to make use of a relocation consultant. The consultant should to coach, guide and give directives on the best way to go about the exercise. It is advised that the consultant be contracted right from the time the relocation is conceived, so that they will have the time to study and understand the entire situation that is obtainable in the current facility and also understand the leaders in the hospital.

There are five main stages involved in relocating a healthcare facility. These involve different unique stages that are linked together in a logical manner to give a successful move. The preliminary stages will take care of the budgeting and organization of the entire move. After this, an analysis of the existing process in the current hospital and what is expected in the future location takes place. This is followed by the concluding stages that will take care of the training and orientation classes for the staff of the hospital, and then the physical relocation of the equipment, furniture and patients to the new complex.

Nationwide hospital relocation services

We have a history of successfully offering premier medical removals in the UK and local hospitals around London. The issue of healthcare relocation can only be carried out effectively by experienced complex movers.  This is because there will always be the need to offer specialized care to the hospital furniture, specialized medical tools and equipment, the labs and the medical records, and we have the competence to provide all these. One of our marks of success is that all our moving personnel understand how sensitive it is to handle these confidential hospital records and other items of higher value during the relocation service and when they are on storage.

Moving hospital wardWe work with a streamlined plan to simplify the extremely complex hospital removals exercise, and through this process, we reduce the amount of downtime and disruptions that the exercise will ever cause to the patients and staff members of the hospital. We work with a solution that ensures that any hospital equipment including the MRI machines, imaging machines, hospitals beds and other technical hospital items are delivered at their supposed position at the right time and in the best possible shape. We have been in this for many years, and within those years, we have succeeded in completing the relocation of different hospital environments like the pathological and pediatric environments. We are also into expert advisory and counseling services through which lots of hospitals, biological specimen, laboratory and chemical relocation clients have gained greatly.  Our lists of successful doctor's removals exercises include clinics in universities, colleges, and private firms, small and major hospitals of all types.  We also offer some other smaller activities when there is the need to relocate only the hospital equipments, the x-ray machine, patient files, and patients alone.

Before we get on with your NHS practice removals, we ensure that everything is properly planed out by engaging in a pre move survey planning meeting that brings all the stakeholders together under one roof to offer their consideration and make their perceived requirements known. We also engage in department meetings on the relocation site so as to come up with stage by stage move plan that will enhance the relocation exercise.  When you hire us for the relocation hospital requirements, our services will include supplying the labor needed for the exercise, coupled with the moving supplies and equipment and transportation too. We also offer other additional services like the hospital laboratory removals, dismantling and reinstallation of items hung on the wall and the packing and unpacking of the entire hospital equipment. When we work for you, we try everything possible to ensure that the entire removal task and stress is taken away from the staff, so that they can concentrate on the task of running the hospital. You can also check our office removals Wigan companies offering medical moving solutions in Greater Manchester and Liverpool area.

Moving patients to new facility

The physical and patients move are planned together and carried out together. This should be done by planning the sequence of the relocation of the departments, stipulating the timing and order for the relocation of each department. After this, then the FRP which is also known as the Request for Proposal is designed and handed to the move contactors. They are allowed to bid and the best contractor is selected. This contractor is now contracted to come and offer the relocation of the equipment and furniture from the old to the new facility.

The patients relocation is one that takes huge collaborations and efforts to plan and execute. In the planning, different circumstances are considered and analyzed.  This is the situation where the worst case scenario is planned for. In planning for this stage, the icu patients, the neonatal patients and the labor and delivery patients are specially planned for.

This stage involves addressing everything, ranging from the route the ambulance will take, to the meal plan in both hospitals on the move day. This process should also involve the establishment of command centers in both centers, and liaising with the local police in planning the transport routes.

The best time for the patients transportation from hospital is normally Saturday morning around 6 am, so that there will be no marathons races and no local football games. You can only achieve success here when you plan well.

In most cases, there may be an overwhelming list of tasks to be performed during hospital removals project.  We have succeeded in enumerating the major areas. The construction project should be started properly so that it would finish properly.  There are some keys to successful medical removals, and they include;

  • Strong leadership by the steering committee, subcommittee chairs and the move manager
  • Perfect budgeting
  • Perfect staff participation
  • Excellent training on all angles
  • A knowledgeable move contractor
  • A properly planned patient move with top notch planning

How to organize hospital relocation?

The major focus of the first three months should be on organization. This should involve all levels of the hospital structure and must include all the departments, including those that will be affected directly or indirectly by the relocation. A steering committee should be established as the first step of the entire process.  This committee it is who will provide the funding for the entire exercise and also direct the entire process as managers or overseers. They should also take care of the staff time and any other essentials for the relocations. Contact us and provide your requirements, we have experience in different types of commercial moving. Our Bristol commercial moverscover the entire UK and they are experts in hospital relocations.

Planning medical movingThe committee should be headed by one of the senior administrators of the hospital, with members from other areas like the director of nursing, the chief financial officer, support services head, and the chief operating officer. It is this committee that will do the first seating, where they will appoint a Move Manager from among them. The best time to make the appointment is during the second month of the process and the person to be appointed must be well known and respected by all members of staff, and must also be a person with sterling management capabilities. He it is who should plan, coordinate and execute the medical practice relocation to this new facility.

When the move manager is inaugurated, his or her first line of action should be to appoint members of sub committees and their chairmen. These should be assigned specific tasks for the success of the move, and they should execute these tasks, reporting to the move manager. There are special departments that must get subcommittees including the IT sector, the support services sector, the hospital services sector, the patient care sector, the orientation and training sector, consultants sector, and the pubic relations and communications sector.

Three months into the organizational stage of the relocation, the move manager and the relocation consultant should have a meeting with all the chairmen of the committees so as to educate them on the entire process of the hospital removals, and also to give them the things they need in order to accomplish these tasks.  This is to ensure that towards the end of the third month of planning, the basic organization needed to kick start the move planning process must be in place.

Support of certified medical relocation consultant

One of the first steps we will take in serving you is to provide you with a certified medical relocation consultant. The consultant we will assign to you is one with more than 14 years experience on the job of supervising hospital moving process, ascertaining the crew requirements for moves, and developing of exact move cost estimates and healthcare settings. They are people with versatile experience in many sectors of the hospital relocation exercise. All of them on our employ are people that started their careers with us as crew members, crew chiefs, and drivers, and have gone ahead to develop enviable experiences in the process.

The certified hospital relocation consultant will be saddled with the following responsibilities;

  • He will be present at all the meetings by the medical office and hospital. The consultant will be available for you to communicate with whenever you need to, as they will be given a special Smartphone which could send and receive emails, call and receive calls, and work on a Nextel two ways connect. Right from the time we assign them to you as your move consultant, their entire schedule and timetable will revolve around your hospitals needs.  They will put in a considerable amount of work to ensure that the move is a successful one, and will be there whenever you need them. They work every day of the week, including weekends and during the holidays to ensure smooth relocations for your hospital.
  • They will be able to analyze and evaluate every hospital move and provide advice and counseling on the best possible options to adopt for the move to succeed. The consultant we will assign to your move is one that has more than 37 years of combined experience in coming up with tailor made move solutions and working in all sizes of general removal exercises.  They are people with distinct understanding of the requirements of the complex nature of healthcare relocations. The fact that every single small or large hospital relocation is very unique, cannot be exactly same with another and will have a lasting implication on your medical practice is not lost on us.  Because of this, we train our consultants to reason and contemplate on everything that may have a bearing on your move. During the years we have been offering relocation services to hospitals and other medical houses, we have come to the realization that exploring all possible conditions, and throwing the right questions at the right people have increased the amount of time and money we have saved this noble profession.
  • Our consultant will help you determine the accurate size of the personnel that will be enough to carry out the move as well as the number of office moving crates needed. His functions include going back memory lane to when they were movers and remembering their experiences in the field, and also thinking as if they would be members of your relocation crew. By so doing, they would be able to assess the situation and come up with the exact number of movers that will be needed to give a successful move in your own case.
  • The consultant will be able to hand in an estimated move cost within just two days notice. They have had a very long experience in offering such estimates and yet they have always gotten it right at each occasion.  You will be marveled at the fact that our consultant will type and email the estimate to you on the same day that the site is surveyed. This is possible because of our technology that enhances advanced estimation, and the fact that we have an estimation form in place where they will simply fill in the required data, and the calculation of the total estimate will be an easy thing thereafter. This is to say that we and our consultant are always ready for your medical relocation. With the handheld units for estimation, it would be very easy for them to determine the cubic foot exact measurements. With this, they do not have to re-enter information twice when the quote is being prepared. When the exact cubic foot measurement have been calculated, it would be easy for the consultant to know the amount of truck space that can complete the relocation.  We also have a very simple and easy pricing structure. They are given a laptop with internet connection and a full Microsoft office installed on it, and they also enjoy trainings on the use of the word documents like the MS word, PowerPoint, excel and many others like the QuickBooks, Techmate and the Wheaton’s Ernie system.
  • The consultant will see to it that all the moving supplies needed for the relocation are delivered to the departments at least ten days before the day of the move.  This is because there are enough moving supplies made available to them for your hospital removals from our company. Because of this, our consultants will ensure that each department gets the required amount of moving supplies and equipment before the scheduled date for the move.  While you are working with our consultant to achieve a perfect relocation, we will also assign a dispatcher to you. This dispatcher will see to it that everything you need for the relocation is provided on the removal date. They will work with the consultant and will be additional security personnel with the utmost task of ensuring that all the needed packing and moving supplies are delivered on time and at the required place.
  • The consultant will also develop instructions educating the hospital employees on how to handle the supplies and how items are to be packed and labeled for the move.  Our consultants are excellent in proper communication, and one of their tasks is to come to your medical facility and perform vivid demonstrations to your employees and movers, and the best way to handle the supplies and make use of them. They will also sit down for a question and answer series in the bid to ensure that each of the employees understand what is expected of them on the moving date, including what they should pack and not pack, and how to pack them. This exercise will also include dropping of written instructions for each staff on their would-be activities on that day. This may be done with enough images and pictures, to make comprehension very easy. They are common sense stuffs that are made even more common for the moving staff.
  • The demonstration exercise includes the provision of a phone number and an email address to the audience in case of any extra requirements and inquiries after the lecture and demonstration.
    The consultant will also be part of the move in a participatory role. Moves that have recorded extreme success are those where the communication between the certified consultant, the customer, and entire removal crew is solid because of the fact that the consultants are people who started their moving career as movers. They understand the role of good leadership in achieving a great and successful move. The consultants we offer to you also understand that customer satisfaction trumps all other things. Because of this, they will be on ground while every aspect of the move is being carried out, so as to be sure that the crew chief and the crew members understand the exact things they are doing and the entire scope of the project. While doing this, they will be prepared to get down on it, roll their sleeves and participate in the task. You will be surprised in most cases to see them offering a helping hand in the movement of boxes and furniture, and in packing the items too. Now, the idea behind this is, if getting involved on hand will reduce the cost of the project or to keep it running as smoothly as planned, then our consultants will not hesitate to get in the mix.
  • They will also help to develop the master schedule for the entire moving process. They know the techniques used in coming up with a moving schedule. All they will do is to liaise with you so as to define, upgrade and maintain the master schedule for the move.  We offer them a modern computer set with the necessary tools and internet access, and they can comfortably work with Vantrax, Excel, Ms Word and many others.
  • They will also assist in solving any problems that comes up during the move. Whether it is coming from the plan made by your hospital or whether it is about damage claims, they will wade in to assist in solving the problems. The fact is that accidents are inevitable, but our consultants will do everything within their power to ensure that these are averted in your move process, so as to reduce the risk of damages to the lowest. They know how important it is to ensure that any problem that arises during the move is fixed at the shortest possible time. We offer moving services with enough warranty. If there are situations that need to be handled, then you can count on our consultants to replace, repair or pay cash for the damages, and this is not among those payments that will happen after a long period of time when you must have been stressed and made to wait for long. Two weeks, and your damages are taken care of by our consultants. The guarantees are there because the consultants are powered by our firm to make on the spot assessments and decisions and carry out actions out of their own discretion without recourse to a long process.  You don’t need to wait for repairs again.

There may be some other responsibilities on the part of this consultant. Whenever you have additional issues to be taken care of, you can count on the consultants to help you out on these.

Setting hospital relocation budget

The budgeting exercise for the relocation is one of the things that must also be taken care of very early in the process. This is to ensure that the necessary human, material and financial resources are made available on time. The budget should be drawn up by the move manager and the relocation consultant so that it states costs of hospital relocation. While drawing up the budget, they must consider all aspects of the move, ranging from the business and stationary cards, dedications, grand openings, patients’ relocation transportation costs, hospital office moving costs, cost of staff orientation and training, the cost of the physical move and many others.  After preparing a draft of the budget, the next thing is for the move manager to submit this to the steering committee to review and approve it before the process can move on. This stage normally takes place during the fourth or fifth month.

Pre move analysis

Pre move analysisOnce the sub committees are in place, the next stage should be the process analyses stage.  This should bring all the departments in the hospital into consideration.  If the necessary trainings and orientations are not given to the staff on issues associated with the operation of low voltage systems, software, computers, and phones, they may be caught off guard by the landscape or the environment obtainable in a renovated or an entirely new facility. During the process analysis phase, each department must work towards the goal of perforating at least two sets of analysis.  The first stage should involve the flow chart of how things are performed in the current hospital, while the second should take on the analysis of how these would be done in the new facility.

When the new process flow charts are compared, the changes in processes are easily identified. When this is the case, programs for the training of the staff and clinicians on how to ensure that quality healthcare services are delivered in the new facility are formulated. This is one of the most time consuming aspects of the hospital relocations, because it could take up to 7 to 9 months to accomplish. For this process or phase to be kept under control, there has to be constant communications with the representatives from different departments who are instructed to complete the analysis and set up the required training exercises.

Hospital staff training before and after relocation

The orientation exercise is meant to help the staff familiarize with the new surroundings before the move. This is one phase that normally starts when the construction stage is elapsing. The staff members are taken on their initial visit to the new facility where they are shown their parking lots, the entrance to the building, and the location of their new departments. During subsequent visits, the adjacent and opposite departments, coupled with the entire facility outlay is laid bare to the staff to get used to.

Even small hospital removals demands a huge amount of training.  The staff training timing is very crucial too. If you take this too early in the move, there is always the possibility for people to forget what they have learned. But if you wait till the last minute, then the amount of information being given out may overwhelm the staff. So, you have to make a timetable that considers the adequate timing for this.  Majority of the training takes place during the transition period between the completion of the construction project and the date for the patient move. The training exercise could be divided into four comprehensible stages.

  • The first stage should be for the training on mechanical systems, and this should be given by the contactor when he completes the new building. In this training, issues about the HVAC systems, the workings of the fire alarms and the emergency generators are all taken into consideration.
  • The process training comes after, and this is fashioned after the outcome of the process analysis. This training is conducted internally in all departments and it is given by the department instructors.
  • Low voltage systems training - This is offered by the IT staff and other system vendors. This is given after the installation of the low voltage systems and when they must have been tested at least twice by the IT department. This will factor in new computer login systems, new phone systems and all about new software.
  • Medical equipment training - this takes the CTs, sterilization equipment, MRI’s, Cath Lab equipment and lights into consideration. This is geared towards ensuring that all the clinicians in the hospital are prepared for the delivery of high quality healthcare when the facility is finally opened.

Auto CAD relocation layout services

We will also access your hospital or medical practice furniture and determine if it could be reused in your new facility.  There is always the need to downsize space in new location, and we understand this out of our experience. Because of this, there is always the threat of trying to determine which furniture should be reused and in which location they should be reused in the new facility.  We work with architectural drawings in mapping out the dimensions of the rooms in your new hospital, and by so doing determine the accurate layout for reusable furniture for staffs and patients that will need reusable furniture in their space in the new location. With layouts that are already designed and some amount of inputs from the users, we will know the furniture sets that will be left in the old place. We also conduct interviews with furniture consultants and different departments, and embark on the physical inventorying and measurement of the furniture. We now move ahead to use the master drawings to crate the reusable furniture. With this, you will know the exact amount of new furniture to buy and also confirm that the reusable furniture will fit into the new medical location, and how they will be set in the new area.

Healthcare Logistic Services

We have a lot of warehouse fulfillment centers and they are all designed to carter for the logistic needs of the healthcare industry. So, whenever you are in need of professional and cheap hospital relocation services, you can come to us. Some of the healthcare logistics we offer to our clients include the transportation of medical equipment, warehousing, hospital moving, platinum service delivery of the final mile type and installation and placement of medical equipment.

Our commercial relocation management services as it contains logistics in the medical angle are mostly focused on outpatient centers, rehabilitation centers, urgent care centers, ambulatory centers, assisted living centers, clinics and hospitals.  We will always be there to offer services whenever the aforementioned establishments are renovating, moving or experiencing one form of transition or the other.  Whenever they do, they will always need service providers that are experienced in the hospital relocation sector, and they cannot get an experience more profound than ours.

Our facilities and infrastructure, coupled with healthcare removal logistic professionals will always work round the clock to ensure that all the services we offer to our clients satisfy all the needs of the clients. This includes ensuring that they get on time, cost effective and damage free services.

Our healthcare logistic services will take care of stuffs like:

  • Transport management- this takes care of coordination and communication with all the material vendors to ensure that all the equipment to be moved is ready as at when due. We do not only ensure that everything is ready,  we also ensure that all of them are properly packed with the perfect packing methods, and are ready to be transported to the final destination on time without any damage. This will also include ensuring that the medical equipment, patients and other furniture are made ready and delivered on time.
  • Accounting and identification of capital equipment- we will also ensure the orderly reception and delivery of all the POs involved in the move. Additionally, we can offer the service of merging and entering all the asset directories in the asset management system of our clients without any extra charges.
    Inventory management- we have the wherewithal to manage the inspection process of materials and the inbound inventory. We are able to achieve this through the use of specialist transport equipment and also by taking advantage of our asset and the non asset facilities.
  • Project management - throughout the program, we will assign one project manager who will be saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the entire project of upcoming medical practice removals. He ensures that all phases of the project are completed.
  • Transition management - one of our tasks is to carry out the final stage of the move when the facility has been made ready. This includes managing the movement of all the existing staff and equipment from the old facility to the new one.
  • Professional staff new hires - our services also involve allowing you to move all your new hires labs, household goods and office effects through our worldwide network from any part of the country or the world to anywhere in the world or country in a precise and efficient manner.
  • Relocation management - with our huge years of experience in professional moving, you will enjoy cost effective, superior and efficient services for all types of relocation and moving projects ranging from;
    Medical records move which will take care of moving, packing, and unpacking of all records to the HIPAA regulations compliance. Wwe can also proovide full office packing guide to the entire hospital team.
    Sequenced site deliveries - we have a fulfillment moving team, and their work is to ensure that all program equipment are delivered on time. Whether they will be taken to the site directly or to a nearby warehouse in the country or anywhere in the world in a very cheap manner, they will arrive to their destination on time.
  • Medical equipment installation services- we have an array of in-house staff that are hugely qualified in the assembly and installation of different types of healthcare equipment, and you can benefit from their bed assembly, case goods, signage and artwork, sharp containers, glove box dispensers, bulletin boards, whiteboards, BP units, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, crash cart assembly and shelving.

Medical laboratory relocation services

We are a leader in the relocation of scientific and medical research establishments, with an experience that spans for more than 30 years in handling all sorts of scientific equipment. We have the skills to relocate your lab within your complex, across the street or to another country altogether. Our services involves the provision of state of the art equipment and logistics in the bid to organize, pack, transport, unpack and store our lab equipment for you, in such a way that the research you are conducting with them will never be tampered with. We work with specialist trucks that are equipped with air ride suspensions in the bid to achieve a smooth hospital laboratory removals and at the same time maintaining your specimen’s integrity.

Our specialized vehicles are powered by generating sets that have the capacity of powering equipment within 120 to 240v. We also work with another generating set as a backup. This means that throughout the duration of the move, your specimen will be kept at the correct temperature. While moving, our team will monitor the voltage and temperature constantly, so as to ensure that your research maintains its integrity. We boast of having the needed specialist equipment, the personnel, and the experience needed to give you the best laboratory relocation to anywhere in the world, with the discretion and safety of the lab under special consideration.

The things you will enjoy from our laboratory relocations include:

  • Employees with the certification to work on Blood borne pathogen, Chemical, and Biohazard environments
  • Phased and single moves that are strategically planned
  • Provision of liquid nitrogen dewers and loaner 4º, -20º and -80º for the transportation
  • Biological specimen relocation
  • Mass spectrometers and cryostat instruments relocation
  • Containers and liquid hydrogen freezers relocation
  • Coverage for chemical liability
  • Relocation packages for lab and staff
  • Free analyses and consultation services for the requirements of the move
  • Relocation of biological specimen
  • heavy medical machinery relocation services

We have an untainted record in the proper handling of biological specimen and movement of specialties. We transport your specimen successfully by taking all the necessary cautions like working with vans with climate control. We also work with laboratory trucks that are equipped with generating sets to achieve the relocation of all the ultra lows, and to ensure that dry ice is eliminated by maintaining your specimen's integrity. We also work with the specialized personnel equipment and the experience to give you excellent world class relocation while the integrity of the research materials and the safety of the lab are guaranteed. We use specialized tools that guarantee safe laboratory equipment removals solutions.

Hospital chemical moving services

We also have the certifications for chemical handling in line with the regulations of the USDOT. We make sure that all the relocation exercises we undertake meets the required standards and regulations for health and safety. We can do this within or outside states. We have a solution that grantees easy packing and transportataion of your reagents, solutions and chemicals. For the single day moves within the same complex, to many days long phased moves, we’ve got you all covered. Our services will include a safe segregation, packing, transportation and unpacking of the chemicals. Working hand in hand with the chemical safety officer in your facility, we will decommission the chemicals that are left behind.