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Library relocation

The importance of safe library relocation is captured perfectly by the saying that "a misplaced book is a lost book." In the light of the above, if you are relocating, it is advisable that you hire specialist library removals company like us.

It is important that every person that will take part in the library moving project, starting from the orientation meeting to execution of the project to completion, to have a clear understanding of what misplacing a book means. Accuracy in handling all aspects of the project should be emphasized and the simple method which should be easy to follow and understand should be employed for library relocation projects.

Library relocation is one of our major areas of specialisations and we have a team that is specially trained and dedicated to provide this service to our clients. According to the founder of our business, it is another type of customer. The saying implies that every project is unique in all aspect including in the complications encountered when it is being moved. One major strengths as far as library relocation is concerned lies in our ability to gain understanding of these complications after doing a thorough evaluation of the library juxtaposing it with our client's requirements.

Moving crates for booksWe have gained wide experience in library removals because we have implemented different kinds of library moving projects throughout the country. We have executed successful library relocation in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester, hundreds of office moving services Glasgow and other areas.

We feel glad to tell you that we are able to you help you with the any type of library removals, regardless of the size, and type. It does not matter whether it is a large university library removals or a small public library relocation within the same town. The location of the university also does not matter for us. Insofar as it is located within the UK, we can relocate it to any location within the UK. We also have the manpower, equipment and resources to carry out international library relocation services. We treat all jobs in the same manner applying the same concept in their execution whether your project is small or big. During every relocation, we aim at reducing disruption to the barest minimum and at making sure that the transition goes smoothly. Call on us so that we will assist you in getting started and also with your future  requirements. We also provide free advice and estimation of your library office removal costs.

Below are the various ways in which we can be of help to you.

  • Determining the scope of work and establishing a comprehensive inventory
  • Making estimations and budgets for the move
  • Enumerating a project's and client's requirements and details
  • Establishing a library relocation plan employing the students and staffs of the institution of the institutions as well as the locals of the host community
  • Creating a schedule for the move.

Hire library movers

We have a team of skilled library movers. They are well knowledgeable and experienced in library removals services. They are good in human relationship. Thus, they are able to work in collaboration with your librarians as well as other chief personnel among your staff in order to ensure successful removal with little or no disruption. Check library moving solutions offered by our London office removal companies.

Once you contact one of our branch, be it office removals in Manchester or London, we will assign a project manager to you. He will pay you a visit during which your move requirements will be discussed. He will also carry out a pre-move survey in order to work out a perfect strategy for your move. Our project manager will apply his experience in helping your staff to plan for the move and stating the best means of executing it. He will provide sound input when necessary. Below are the services that are included in our cheap library moving package.

  • a complete support before, during and after library moving by an experienced mover manager assigned to you,
  • crate hire services and administration associated with it
  • establishment of a proper library labelling system and its execution
  • briefing of the crew and tool box talks supervised by the project management through the move process
  • decommissioning and recommissioning of  racking and shelving
  • moving library IT equipment, including computers and server relocation
  • packing, unpacking and integration in compliance with the industry standard
  • provision of specialist packing materials for books and documents that are of historical importance
  • on site shredding of any confidential documents
  • a complete post-move support

Library movers teamIf you have a long term project that is more complex, we can provide you with library storage service with the portal and e-inventory/cataloguing system of our client. We run an in-house secure online system of e-inventory. From our e-inventory, you will be able to view at a glance all that you have in store. Where and when necessary, condition reports and photographs are included. We are able to tailor our client's portal to suit your requirement including a complete facility for project reporting.

Kindly contact us either by email or through phone call if you want to find out more about our library removals solutions or check how much does library relocation costs, feel free to request free quotes. We do all sorts of commercial moving, be it moving office in Bristol or demolition services in London.

Library relocation planning and management

The key consideration when planning cheap library relocation project is the need of the librarians. This is because they are the people that work in the library. Thus, they know everywhere in the library and what best to be done in order to meet the requirements of students and other users. Thus, while planning for a move, we consult them, discuss with them and listen to them in order to learn from them and also know what their requirements are. In this way, we are able to meet their requirements. Our consultants are experienced and have been given the training the required in order to implement any library moving service from the beginning to an end. Below is a description on how we approach any library relocation project.

We begin any relocation project with a preliminary discussion with the top members of the staff. The responsibilities of various people that will be involved in the project will be thoroughly discussed during this stage. Our team of consultants will use this opportunity to get acquainted with the library, the facilities in it and its structure.

The second stage in our  relocation approach is the project meetings. During this stage which is also part of the planning process, we review all changes that will be made and which will have effect on the physical move. Taking these changes into consideration, we will work out a comprehensive move schedule with all the necessary contingency plans.

Our team will collaborate with you in providing plan or solving issues relating to the facility and space planning.

Integration of different collections of a library assembled from different sources such as storage facilities can be excellently handled by our team of library removals professionals. Integration in fact is an important part of the entire project. In fact, a good number of moves may require integration services. As professionals in integration, our team has develop a unique colour-coding and labelling system that can be adapted to any kind of moved collection.

Flexibility is a quality that differentiates us from other service providers. We are very flexible in our service and this is why we are able to accommodate every need. No matter your requirement, you should have a peace of mind that we will meet or even exceed your requirements. But being flexible does not mean that we are not professional. We combine professionalism and flexibility in the services we offer. So, contact us today and discuss your requirements with us, whether you are looking for library school removals or public library moving solutions. You can also request for quotes because we provide them free of charge without attaching any obligation to them.

Library removals services

LibraryWe are a force to reckon with as far library relocation services are concerned. We are able to deliver a stress-free and safe moving services thanks to our strong background to commercial moving and deep knowledge of the library sciences. Since we have started offering cheap library relocation service, we do not reject any service no matter how complex it is. In fact, our strong selling point is that we have been able to deal successfully with difficult relocation services which many of our competitors have declined given their complicated nature. Seeing as it is said is believing. So, you can visit many of the municipal libraries and university libraries that we have relocated either within the same university or outside of it. If we cannot convince you that we are the right person to handle the process, our works are enough evidence to convince you. They speak volume about our experience, expertise and proficiency in handling library moving services. We are pacesetters and we have been setting standards from the first time we started library relocation service several decades ago till now. Our areas of strength include timely completion of project, accuracy and budget friendly service.

Our relocation service is not just limited to the relocation of a few collections of books but moving of entire library including all facilities, desks, chairs, computers, IT equipment and server for e-library, books and any other thing that you can find in a library. We have revolutionised library relocation elevating it to the level of science through our unique approach and method which has taken us many years to develop. We have completed thousands of moves from the very first day we began operation and since that time till now, we have not received any claim thanks to our process which has been perfected over the years.

We offer a wide range of services which include planning layout and expansions of collections, recollection of collections, cleaning of books before and after move, tagging for merging of collection, merging of collection by call sequence or by book by book, shifting of collections from floor to floor or range to range, purging of collections for storage purposes, back shifting and spacing of collections, off-site storage collections and shelving and many more. We are able to complete a wide range of service thanks to our skilled manpower, equipment and large resources. Pulling our resources, equipment and manpower, we are able to deal with any project no matter how complicated it is. Whether you are relocating library collections across the border, from one city to another, down the street or just within the same building, our team of professionals are able to handle it. We also have developed a unique and effective colour coding and labelling system with which we use to maintain shelf list effectively every time.

Merging and integrations of Library

As a one of many specialist library removal companies, owing to our many years of experience, we are able to move several libraries and merging them into a single library. We are able to bring different sequences into a master order. In case you require references to be sure that we are capable of handling your project, there is no problem. Just feel free to call us or send us an email stating your request clearly. We will reply as soon as possible. Complete our inquiry form in our website in case you want to send us an email.

Library removals is one of our major areas of strength and we have satisfactorily completed many complex removal projects in the past and so we are optimistic that we will complete yours with 100% satisfaction.

Moving libraries it's only a part of our services. We are alos experts in manufacturing plant relocation or office archive moving, storage or shredding.

Moving services for libraries

In addition to cheap library removals, we also provide other services that are related to removal such as WEE Recycling, library office furniture removals and recycling, Office Furniture Dismantling/Reassembling, Files & Records Packing, PC/Computer Relocations to mention but a few. In fact, our service cut across all aspects of removal. Contact us for discussion on your move no matter the type of services that you require so that we will discuss how we will be of help to you.

Moving management

In managing the move, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Oversee the staff as the execute their responsibilities in respect of the move.
  • Observe and direct the local movers and other local workforce engaged in the move.
  • Create plan for the execution of the project and also implement them.

Measure and map the entire collection

  • Devising and establishing a fill ratio system
  • Anticipating and ascertaining the rates of growth for all collections.
  • Creating ease-to-modify spreadsheets to take care of future changes
  • Labelling of shelf in order to reduce shelving error and increase accuracy during the move

Move process coordination

  • Collaborating and coordinating all aspect of the process of the move with the contractors
  • Delivery of new furniture and shelving

Library moves

  • We provide professional library relocation services. To ensure a smooth running of your business during the move, we offer you with the following services;
  • full asssitance with relocation of employees
  • Specialised library packing and moving services
  • IT moving services with qualified and reliable IT specialists
  • Industry qualified and security clearing
  • Professional pre-planning

Contact us today for discussion on your requirements and for free quotes which do not have any obligation attach to them.

Relocating libraryWe work with a team of professionals who are committed to duty and are supervised by a knowledgeable project manager specially trained for supervision of library relocation projects. We are quite aware of the complexities involved in a  move and the importance of paying strong attentions to details. This is why we take a proactive measures making sure that every aspect of the project is taken care of in the planning stage.

Our team of library removals comapny professionals have the required expertise to assist you in many ways. They are able to handle any project from the beginning to the end smoothly whether you are moving from your current location to a new location or reconstructing your current library. We provide a complete range of library relocation services owing to our awareness of the fact that each library differs from others in its specific requirements. Our services include but not limited to the following:

  • Dismantling and installation of racking and shelving
  • Interfiling and integration Sequential packing and unpacking
  • Cataloging
  • Storage services both short and long term storage to accommodate the requirements of all types of libraries
  • office removal crates hire for books and equipment

Our  consultants have been trained in human relationship and they have good team spirits. So, for smooth implementation of the library removal plan that will be developed for your project, our consultants will collaborate with any person involved in the execution of the project.

How to plan and organize library relocation?

Our consultant holds the necessary certification and qualification to plan any kind of library relocation job. He will work with you in developing a reliable relocation plan. The team of consultants will pay you a visit in order to discuss the requirements of the projects including the blueprints for the new library complex and the move logistics. In order to make the mapping of the transition of library sections into their new location, our team will provide you with range charts. During this stage, they will get to know, relate and socialise with your staff because they have good human relationship. Having developed team spirit, they will also collaborate with them when necessary. They will use the opportunity to become acquainted with both your current location and new location. They will also help your staff to become acquainted with our processes and systems. They are also willing to entertain any question they may have. They are also available to make input and provide useful advice when needed. Be free to tap in their experiences and expertise. Contact our office removals Liverpool or Wigan branch and get professional assistance with your moving project.

We are able to implement any type of moves regardless of the size. This gives our clients peace of mind. It also helps to build trust in them that their projects will be delivered successfully and with high level of efficiency. During the pre-move planning stage, our consultant will do a survey of your library taking cognizance of all the facilities and equipment. He will use all he gathered from the assessment to plan the move with you, mapping out and taking note of every detail of the move. We will assign a particular team of consultant or project manager to oversee the planning and implementation of the move. Thus, you are free to contact them at any time of the day or when you like as they are your own point of contact from the beginning to the end of the project. Trusting in their experience and expertise, we are optimistic that they will be able to provide helpful answer to any of your query. Thus, you can apply any recommendation they provide.

During the pre-plan stage, you will be provided with general schedule of the move. With the schedule offered to you, it will be easy for you to plan yourself very well and find a way of fitting your plan into the general schedule of the move. After the survey, our experts can work out a final quote for you which you can use to make budget. The quote will take care of all aspects of the move and thus, you will be able to tell whether your business can finance the move or not. The good news is that the quote will be issued to you within 24 or 48 hours. No hidden charges are contained in the quote.

As already said above, we have a team of certified consultants who are exceptional in their human relation. With their team spirit, they are able to collaborate with other contractors in coordinating work to ensure that the move goes on without any hitches and in a more efficient way. When the project is completed, our team of professional will do a post-move survey in collaboration with the members of your staff.

We are quite aware that manpower alone is not enough to deliver a safe and efficient library removals job. There is a need for the deployment of modern time equipment designed specifically for library relocation. Thus, we make use of the best tools, equipment and technology of our time. Utilising the equipment and applying our technology and approach, we are able to offer our clients the most efficient and effective relocations project. Given our approach and the most efficient way with which we implement relocation, the library we are moving are not closed or do not stop providing services throughout the relocation process. We have developed the efficient system of numbering and stickers which make it possible for us to move book collection with high level of precision and expertise. We make use of specially designed containers and dollies in moving books efficiently and rapidly to where they are supposed to be. With our special equipment, we are able to move complete ranges of shelves without removing books kept in it. This makes the replacement of carpet to be more efficient causing the least impact on the operations of the library.

One of the pieces of equipment that we use which has made relocation to be a breeze is our range of shelf lifters. With these pieces of equipment, we are able to move a shelving of about 30 feet fully packed with books. With this equipment, the moving expenses as well as the move time is reduced to the barest minimum.

We also use rolling book carts specifically made for the relocation of book collection. We have both the single and double sided rolling book cart and we utilise them depending on the nature of the project we are doing. The rolling books carts have impressive manoeuvrability and they can be loaded and unloaded in the tightest corner.

We have also distinguished ourselves from other removal company with our sophisticated non-adhesive labelling system. With it, we are able to get more organised and gained more control of the entire relocation project. All the books and materials remain in their initial order thanks to our careful coding system.

We use computer crates in packing electronic equipment like computers and CRTs in order to ensure that they are transported safely to their various destinations.

Larger pieces of furniture are easily removed with special dollies which are rubber coated for cushioning effect and to make them soft. They are also equipped with non-marring wheels for enhanced mobility.

To ensure that library materials are relocated safely and smoothly, we make use of air ride moving trucks. Our mover can easily load and unload your items whether there is a loading dock at both locations or not. This is made possible by our portable exit and entrance ramps used in combination with the lift-gate trucks.

We implement cheap library moving services in such a way as to reduce expenses and damages to barest minimum. We ensure that the floors of the complex both in the departure and destination locations are not damaged or scratched in any way. This is why we apply protective materials to the corners, walls and floors.

We are quite ware that communication is very crucial for effective relocation and this is why we provide all our staff involved in any project we are doing with Nextel Communication.

If your mind is not yet made up about the move but you are thinking of the possibility of making use of our service, you should not delay in contacting us. You can send us an email or give us a call. Whichever way you prefer, a well-trained move manager will be assigned to discuss your requirements and options with you. He will be pleased to provide answers to all your questions and inquiries. Contact us for any type of commercial moving solutions, be it warehouse removals or library moving project.

We will be able to schedule an appointment with you as soon as you are ready. During the meeting, we will do a survey and thorough assessment of your library in order to provide you with a quotation.