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Many people long to move into or within Blackpool due to one thing or the other. While a huge number are moving to spend the summer and enjoy the coastal life, others are moving in search of employment, while others are moving their businesses to a batter market. Apart from moves into and out of of the town, there are also many office removals and machinery moves from one place to the other within Blackpool and this is where we can help you out. We are professional Blackpool office removals company able to handle any type of commercial move - warehouse, factory, university, library, museum, laboratory removals and many more.

Removal companies Blackpool

For all these business moves, there is always the need for an office removal firm. Local Removals Blackpool will do the job for you. The truth is that many people do see moving as one of the most difficult things they can ever engage in. Many see it as being so stressful while others even see moving as a nightmare. This is because you are not a professional in it, and in actual sense, you don’t have any business with your office removals. You just have to concentrate on your job while we carry out great and hitch removals services for you.

We offer three main moving services, and they include the office removals Blackpool where we offer all forms of commercial relocations. This can be the moving of an office of just 3 staff. It can be a medium sized office while it can also be the blue chip firms of more than 2000 staff. We will offer you great and cheap Blackpool removals. Again, whether you are moving just a department, the head office or the entire office, we will give you what you need. We also offer removals in Blackpool from one part of the office to the other, from one part of the building to the other, from one office to the other in the same town or even international removals. All are geared towards giving you the best removal services Blackpool. Our furniture assemblers will take care of moving your desks, filing cabinets and meeting tables that have to be dismantled.

We also offer commercial removals. Here we work on your business relocation and moving projects. We have been doing this for a very long time and will offer you unequaled moving services. We also offer secure storage and disposal services Blackpool.  The storage will keep all your office or commercial properties safe till you need them.

We are an award winning warehouse, machinery, factory removal companies and office movers Blackpool that will offer you services in flexible mode. We do not just develop a removals or moving template and impose it on you. Before we get into the contract with you, we sit down with you to discuss what you want. If you need a completely customized removals Blackpool, we will offer this to you, if you want to make simple inputs for the removal, we will accept that, and if you want us to use our own methods, we will still use this to offer you a very cost effective and easy removals that will never disrupt your work and activities in the office. Contact us today to check rates and services of Blackpol to Sheffield office removal companies

Another great thing about our Blackpool office moving service is our staff. We have well trained professional office movers Blackpool who will liaise with you throughout the period of the move. We will allow you to be actively involved in the move if that is what you want or to observe as things go on. Our staffs are trained to attend to you with great courtesy in speech and modesty in action. At the end of the day, you will have a very peaceful warehouse or factory relocation in Blackpool. Contact us and find out how to plan an office move!

We also pay great attention to the health and safety principles, as our staff are all knowledgeable in the practices that will forestall all hazards. We also engage your staff in some light training about these. All the spaces we work on are made to be hazard free and all safety equipment are provided for your staff.

We access the mode and the type of services you offer to come out with the best removal system to use for you. We also offer other special activities like ICT relocation. Here, we do the job in conjunction with your firm’s ICT management to insure that what you need is exactly what we offer you. We also offer off-site storage and archiving, in such a way that great space is conserved and cost is highly reduced for you. There is also the churn and fit-out system with which we give a comprehensive removal to you on a single package. Above all, we work to satisfy you. Call us today to get a first class cheap house removals Blackpool, office relocation or machinery transport. We can allso arrange a free survey with our Bristol office removal companies branch.


Blackpool is on one seaside towns in North West England and it also serves as the borough of Lancashire where our removal company offers outstanding moving services to all types of businesses. This is one of the towns that have its own independence as a unitary government instead of being administered under the borough. It has a political autonomy that many other states do not have. Located within the Wire and Ribble estuaries, this town lies 17.5 miles away from Preston and 37 miles away from Wigan. It also lies 40 miles away from Manchester. It is so populated that it has been estimated to be the fourth borough with the highest population density in the whole of England and Wales, with the exception of London.

Blackpool can be described as one of the unknown and unused coastal hamlets located in Lancashire without much of activities. However, life started coming to this town within the 18th century due to the resurgence of the culture of going to bath in the sea water during the summer time as a sort of pleasurable exercise, and for relaxation. This saw people plan removals in Blackpool in droves and made the town a small tourist destination. However, due to growth in the number and calibre of visitors attracted to Blackpool for this exercise, Thomas Clifton and Sir Henry Hoghton built a new road which the visitors were able to use to access the sandy beach in Blackpool. It was also in the same 1971 that stage coaches found Blackpool attractive and started running there with passengers.
However, the growth in population soared high in the early 19th century, and this is because of the new buildings that were elevated by Henry Banks and John Cocker. These buildings brought in a lot of new entrants into the town, and this kicked off the economy which helped us to develop Blackpool house removals services. Among many other things, the population of the town which used to be around 500 at the time increased to up to 2500.

With the commissioning of a railway in 1840, this little town became very prominent both in England and the whole of Europe. The Rialway made more and more companies settling down in Blackpool which some of them become best clients of office movers Blackpool. The best thing that this railway did to Blackpool is that it connected it to the industrialized areas of Northern England. The railway brought in many visitors from across the globe and even triggered Blackpool business activities. This led to Blackpool being made a borough in 1876. This made it to rise to the level of a very booming resort with a population of about 14,000. There was the presence of pleasurable life with the town acquiring a promenade that has complete piers, trams, theatres, fish and chip shops, donkey rides, public houses, fortune tellers and many other great things, affordable removals companies Blackpool.

However, just like it happened to many other towns, the arrival of air travel which made the populace to prefer holidays overseas coupled with variety and taste shifts brought down the population of people who visit Blackpool and consequently its economy.
This did not disappear completely as some people still preferred to visit. Tourism here witnessed another boost within the past fear years as the seafront still attracts millions of sight seers and visitors.  Blackpool also enjoys a lot of revenue from its other landmarks like the Blackpool Zoo, Pleasure Beach, Winter Gardens, Blackpool Illuminations, Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool Tower and many others.

Blackpool Economy

One great truth is that the economy of Blackpool is highly dependent on the services sector, with tourism being one of the highest employers. However, there is also industrialization and retail services that also boosts the economy.  Each year Blackpool removals offers moving services to holiday makers related to transporting sporting equipment. In the manufacturing sector, the town has a lot of businesses running in it. This is mostly in the level of self-employed people and a host of small businesses. But this does not remove the presence of the large firms and blue chip corporations in Blackpool. Some of the huge employers in the town include the Burton's Biscuit Company, Klarius UK, Glasdon Group and Victrex. There are also some huge government owned agencies like the Hardware random number generator, ERNIE facility and the National Savings and Investments. If you ask office removals Blackpool for some references, we are sure we have moved some of your competitors or companies that are next door to you.

There was also the Swallow Sidecar Company located at Bisham which produced Jaguar Cars as the forerunner firm in the past. When you come to the retail sector, you will realize that most of the citizens are also employed in one way or the other. There are great shopping centres scattered across the city, with Church Street being the highest shopping street in Blackpool. Other shopping streets include the Victoria Street, Abingdon Street, Banky Hey Street and Talboty Road. There are also some new shopping centres being developed with modern technologies and shopping facilities in the town of Blackpool.
On the general note, the economy of Blackpool was driven in the past by tourism especially due to the seaside resorts, beaches and promenades. Blackpool man and van will be happy to move you new sofa, wardrobe or a kitchen table from the store to you house. We can even deliver furniture to the third floor apartment with no stairs.

This brought in a lot of workers in the factories located in the northern axis on holidays in Blackpool. However, the arrival of the air travel system and competition in the prices of holidaying in the Mediterranean areas coupled with the better weather on those areas took most of the visitors out of Blackpool. At the time under review, it had the best seaside resort in the whole of the United Kingdom.  All these dropped the number of visitors from 17 million to 10 million. This situation reflected in many removal companies Blackpool has disappeared.

The town had a GVA of 1,276 in 1995, 1,444 in 2000 and 1,598 in 2003. Other things that aid the economy of Blackpool include the fact that it hosts a lot of conferences of political parties and trade unions. In the recent past, the town has played host to the conservative party conference, labour party conference, removals, transport and workers union conference and many others. This also brings in streams of revenue and offer employment to citizens. The Blackpool grand theatre also hosts a lot of shows and entertainment activities from time to time during the year.

Advantages of moving to Blackpool

This is one of the things that are very easy to point out. In the first place, I must say that I have never seen a man who does not want to move to areas that have lots and lots of coasts.

However, the number one thing that you will gain if you plan removals in Blackpool is the pleasure of being in a town that has an all-round connection. Whenever a city is cut off from many others, it becomes very moribund no matter the amount of resources in it. Blackpool will give you the chance to be anywhere in just few minutes. The Blackpool south railway will take you all round the town in few minutes, and will also connect you to the neighbouring towns in few hours. This makes it very easy for people who prefer the coastal and beach life to live around here and go to work in other surrounding cities. The fact is that there is nothing as good as being in the city for work in the morning and going back to your quiet coastal life in the evening. It will give you a prolonged life. This is what you gain by working and living Blackpool.

Another one is that this city is one of the best places to raise a family. If you plan removals in Blackpool there is a presence of great schools. We are not talking about the huge universities scattered all over the UK. Here, we are talking about very good primary, secondary and tertiary schools that are scattered across the town of Blackpool. If you are a mum, you will have a lot of missionary schools owned by catholic and Anglican churches that will groom your kids on the way they should grow, and I bet you they will not depart from that when they are old.

The third is that if you live here, you will never buy fun. This is because you will never lack one. From the best beaches in the whole of England to the best resorts in the whole UK and many others, you will just discover that fun is everywhere around you. So, you will never have to travel to places every summer. If you start counting all the beaches and resorts here, you will spend more than 10 years summers without exhausting them. You need this. If you decide on removals in Blackpool you will never want to move out.

Another thing you will enjoy is the homes. Both detached and semi-detached homes are available at very good prices for you to enjoy.

When it comes to employment, there are many job opportunities here both on the tourism, transport, furniture removals, retail and manufacturing sector. But apart from this, you will also enjoy a lot of small and medium scale business opportunities. It is a town that supports start-ups in no small measure.

You will also enjoy good meals and wines. They have improved on the cuisine in the past due to the number of people that come in. This means that you will enjoy a lot of international delicacies if you come here.

Have you been to a town where the people are so warm that everybody starts falling in love with the outlook of the entire town? This is what exactly happens when you are in the town of Blackpool.

Blackpool Postcode Areas

Office relocation Blackpool provide services in all the The postcode areas. Some of them are outlined below as follows. FY0 to FY4 belongs to Blackpool Removals. FY5 is for Thornton Movers, FY6 is for Poulton-le-Fylde moving companies, FY7 is for Fleetwood relocation, while FY8 is for Lytham St. Annes transport services.

List of the Biggest Industrial Parks in and Around Blackpool

We have provided office removals in Blackpool in all major industrial parks. There are many industrial centres and they include Blackpool Industrial Park, Moor Park Industrial Estate, General Industrial Park, The Glen Industrial Park, Lakeside Industrial Park, and Drayton Manor Theme Park. Warehouse moving services and machinery removals Blackpool is what we do best. But we also offer medical equipment removals in Blackpool area.