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Office removals Birmingham

Our company specialises in all sorts of commercial removals, including office removals in Birmingham. We will help you with your relocation no matter the size of the move, be it moving a heavy printer to another room, fragile IT equipment to another country or the moving office from Birmingham to other town.

Are you looking for a reliable and cheap office movers in Bristol who will look after your goods as you would? Look no more! We are able to provide a safe transport that ensure that your precious belongings arrive to the destination point unscathed. Our experience and expert knowledge allows us move the contents of your entire office posing minimal disruption to the business. We have an impressive fleet of trucks appropriate to handle any size of office, industry and business removals Birmingham. We are very flexible and offer various configurations of team and truck. We are the best in combining the specifics of move to the budget restrictions what results in providing an efficient and cost-effective service of commercial removals in Birmingham.

What is more, we are ready to undertake even the most demanding commercial and industrial removals in Birmingham. We have successfully moved heavy-machinery, gym equipment, undertaking entire warehouse relocation in Birmingham, including stock and racking moving, factory plant removals, chemicals and many more. Hire professional warehouse removal companies for your commercial movign project. Whatever you need to move, you should consider hiring professional office removal companies Birmingham to do it quickly and safely. There are plenty tasks we can do for you in addition to the relocation of your assets itself. Our offer of office removals Birmingham includes, among other things, storage services, furniture disposal, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, office cleaning, machinery positioning, and packing of even the most fragile and valuable belongings.

Hire Birmingham commercials movers

Moving commercial equipmentMoving a company for whatever reason is a demanding and arduous task. If you are expanding and need a bigger facility or have found a better location, we will move your entire company from one place to another smoothly and safely. Our Birmingham office removal companies will meet your deadlines in order to ensure that interruption to your business is reduced to a minimum. Your satisfaction is our priority. We are flexible and can move your office after your working hours so that you can keep operating on a normal basis. Hiring expert office movers in Birmingham you get a quick, reliable and efficient office relocation. We focus on meeting all customers’ needs, therefore we carefully plan every step of the project with you.

In order to ensure smooth office relocation in Birmingham, our experts will arrange an on-site office moving survey as well as inspect floor plans of the current and new office. Whatever you need, we can adjust our commercial moving services to your needs, be it arranging an overnight business removal, moving on weekend or same day office removals Birmingham. We will assist in your relocation at both ends – at the current office helping you pack and load the assets, and at the new office to unload and unpack your items making sure all goes in accordance with the scheduled plan to minimize business disruption.

If you are short of people or time to pack and prepare your belongings to be transported, let us know. Our office packing experts will take care of everything in a quick and smooth manner. We have a vast experience in packing and crating goods of commercial removals in Birmingham. Suffice it to give us a few days to have your entire office packed and ready to be transported. All the boxes will be meticulously packed and clearly labelled so that you can easily match the boxes to the appropriate rooms of the new office. For all the items you no longer want or need, we will arrange a office furniture disposal or donate those of good shape. If you prefer to do the packing on your own, we will offer you a full guidance on professional packing as well as guide for labelling.

Cheap business moving services in Birmingham – Free quote

We focus on clear communication with our commercial customers, therefore we offer commercial moving services in Birmingham at a fixed rate for you not to worry about hidden office moving costs or additional fees. It means that no matter what challenges arise during the project, we will still charge you the price agreed on the quote. If you hire professional office removal companies in Birmingham to move your office or company, you will know how much it costs office furniture removals.

Let us know of all your needs, preferences, requirements, restrictions, etc. and receive a not obligating, free of charge office moving quote. Tell us about the size of your move and scope of works and have it discussed it in details. If all is clear, we will prepare the quote which allows you to consider further steps of your easy office relocation in Birmingham.

Companies offering business removals in Birmingham

The fact is that whenever you are planning local office moving from Birmingham to surrounding areas, or when you want to move your company location to remote parts of the country, you will see it as a hassle or full of stress. This is simply because it is not your job and you cannot do it. Come to us and have the rest of mind you need while your office is being moved.  We offer all forms of commercial and office moving services in Birmingham area, including professional services of our hospital movers team.

Whether you have an office of about 5 staff or those huge firms of more than 2000 staff, whether you want to move your one flat office or the office that takes the whole building, whether you want to move from one room in the same office to the other, whether you want to move from one building to the next or whether you want to move to another office in this Birmingham town, you will definitely get a cost effective commercial removals in Birmingham from us.

One of the cardinal points of the services you can get by hiring office removal companies in Birmingham is the flexibility. We make our schedule as flexible as possible so that your own timetable and schedule will never be disrupted. One thing we will never do is to give you troubles due to the commercial removals. Whenever it is convenient from you, we will do the removals. We try as much as possible to insure that not even a minute of work is lost due to the removals. We do not disrupt your office activities, and because of this, we work even on those unholy hours to insure that your staff will not have any disruption to their work. The weekends and odd hours when there will not be any troubles are preferred. Check our commercial removals in Sheffield.

Commercial removals BirminghamWhen it comes to the employee relocation services, we parade the best set of professionals that are well trained in the service of commercial moving in Birmingham. However, they do not only come with the technical knowhow that will insure that you are getting the best of removals; you will also enjoy services that are embedded in courtesy in speech and modesty in action. They know how to attend to you so as to offer you the best services. They are all members of the British Movers Association and have all the relevant qualifications for such job. Check our office movers Wigan.

One more thing is that we do not impose anything on you. We offer customized business moving services in Birmingham area, and here you are allowed to make inputs as to what you need. If you want the mve to be carried out on your template and system, we will oblige you that, as we sit down to discuss the details with you. If you simply want to make an input, we will also hear you out and incorporate same into the move technique we will employ. If you just want us to use our system for the entire removals, we will also do so for you. Whether you are moving office in Blackpool, Birmingham, Bristol or other areas, you can get solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Birmingham office moving teams are all schooled in the best health and safety measures, and they apply these not just because of the social responsibility aspect of their job, but because of their conviction that it is the best thing to do. On the other hand, they will also intimate your staff on all the safety measures to take when the move is in place. The hazard assessment service is also done on the two removal sites to insure that the best safety standards are maintained.

We also offer you extra solutions for commercial moving in Birmingham, and they include office storage services in Birmingham where we store your office equipment in our storage outfit to save space for you until you are in need of those. We are also involved in commercial shredding in Birmingham, where we will offer effective destruction of all the office equipment and files and other document shredding that are confidential to you, but which you are no longer in need of. We also offer disposals of office furniture in Birmingham area. When it comes to the IT world, we are great handlers of your IT installations in terms of removals and installation. You will get the best services from us or from our partners offering office removals in Chester and other areas.

About Birmingham

This is one of the cities and indeed metropolitan boroughs that lie within the midland of the English nation. It has one attribute which cannot be taken away from it and that is the fact that it has the highest number of inhabitants after London. The 2013 census gave it a total population of about 1,092,330. This is akin to the fact that it witnessed a massive rise in population which increased with a great of figure of 88,400 inhabitants just between 2001 and 2011.  This population growth figure in actual sense is the highest that has ever been witnessed in the whole of the UK.

The fact is that there is nothing significant about it during the medieval period. Then, it was a very sleepy town of medium sized markets. But the 18th century saw a great rise in everything good. This ranged from enlightenment to the industrial revolution that followed. It will be recalled that some of the innovations that shot the world into the industrialization era were made in Birmingham. This is why manufacturing was already at full speed even in the dark ages of 1791. The result of this is that this city took its position as the world’s number one manufacturing area. There were also an array of shops and other marketing outlets that were dealing in the retail of goods with high skill trades taking place here.  This brought in great creativity in many fields, and goods production and innovation grew to another level. This economic outlook which was based on manufacturing and innovation boomed for a very long time, making the it one of the most developed in the world at the moment. This lasted till the middle of the 20th century.

However, there was great social mobility experienced within this period. The result of this is that political radicalism came in as occasioned by politicians who came in from all parts of the globe and who are aware of what politics is all about. This helped in no small measurers in shaping the democracy of Great Britain.

Victoria squarePresently, the economy has shifted from the manufacturing to the service sector, and we can actually say that it is a service based economy at the moment. It is now an international commercial center. It has a GDP of about $114.3bn as at 2012, and this simply says that it has a metropolitan economy that is second only to London.  These are based mainly on retail, transport, events and conferences.  When it comes to education, there is six universities, making it with the highest number after London. It is an excellent education centre. In the social aspect of life, you will get things like Birmingham symphony orchestra, Birmingham royal ballet and others.

Some of the areas have the following postcodes. They include B1- 48 are for areas in Birmingham city. B49 and 50 are for Alcester, B60 and 61 are for Bromsgrove, B62 and 63 are for Halesowen, B64 Cradley Heath, B65 Rowley Regis, B66 and 67 are for Smethwick, B68 and 69 are for Oldbury, B70 and 71 are for West Bromwich, B72 - 76 are for Sutton Coldfield, B77 to 79 are for Tamworth, B80 is for Studley, B90 - 94 are for Solihull, B95 is for Henley-In-Arden, B96 - 98 are for Redditch, while B99 is for Birmingham.

IT Equipment, computer and server removals in Birmingham

Our age is best defined as the information and communication age thanks to the utilisation of computers in virtually every field of life. With advancement in technology, better computers and ITC related equipment are being introduced in the market on daily basis. If you acquire new computers and change your server and IT equipment, you will definitely require our Birmingham IT equipment relocation specialists, computer relocations and server removals in Birmingham in order to create room for the installation of your new item. We can also work on your old IT equipment and server to improve its performance in case you don’t have enough money to purchase new one.

Why should you use our Birmingham server moving services?

We are quite aware of the competition in the industry. Definitely, you have view commercials from other IT equipment, computer and server removal businesses. But we have always distinguished ourselves from the crowd through the quality of services we provide our clients. Here are some of the ways we differ from others which will convince you to hire us.

  • Free collections across the nation
  • Licensed and certified by many popular body like EPA, ISO14001, ADISA, ISO9001 and DIPCOG
  • We delete unwanted data using HMG approved solution
  • We offer WEEE recycling services
  • All our staffs are trained and skilful in their various areas of specialisation
  • Many years of existence with no negative records in our history
  • Timely delivery of service
  • Low cost and efficient IT removals services in Birmingham (our prices are very competitive and open to negotiation)

The above are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring IT relocation services in Birmingham. Having numerous certifications and accreditations is a clear indication that we are truly a leader in the industry. Each of these licensing and accrediting bodies has strict requirements and standards that you have to meet before you are accredited. Being able to meet these requirements and standards is a clear indication that we offer quality IT equipment, computer and server movers in Birmingham. Besides, we have been providing these services for many years. We are able to satisfy our all clients. We can provide you with reference if you need that in order to be convinced that we are equal to the task.

Planning and management of IT and server relocation process

IT moving services BirminghamIf you hire professional IT and server removal companies in Birmingham, all of them go through several stages when providing our server relocation services to our clients to ensure that we provide quality services to their satisfaction.

  • We first ask our clients to send us a list of all the items such as server, computers, boxes, pallets, devices and others they will want us to recycle. We will review the list and provide a reasonable quote or price to our clients. After negotiation on the price, we proceed to the next step which is the collection of item.
  • Our team of trained and proficient Birmingham IT engineers will come to the stipulated site for collection of the items. As experts, they will be able to handle all items very well. We offer packing services as well. So, if the items are not yet packed, they will pack them and load them to our truck for transportation to our recycle facility.
  • We will work on all the equipment, erasing all data and putting everything in good condition in preparation for sale.
  • When everything is in good shape, we will sell them or dispose them depending on the instruction we have from our clients.
  • At the end of the operation, our experts will prepare a detail report of the service rendered. The report will indicate data that have been erased and those that were destroyed completely. Items that were sold will also be shown in the report. We will send you this report including certificates for all the devices we have recycled or processed.

As a leader in the industry with many years of experience, we accept various types of IT equipments, servers and computers. Here are some of the types of equipment we accept:

  • PCs and accessories
  • Laptops
  • IT equipment
  • CRT monitors and flat screen
  • Palmtops and accessories
  • PC/server components
  • Server racks/flooring
  • Power supplies
  • Circuit boards
  • Networking equipment (routers, switches, hubs)
  • Video gaming accessories and consoles
  • Power supplies
  • Printers, parts and peripherals
  • Wires and cables
  • Software and software media (CD, floppy), Toner cartridges but it has be well wrapped to avoid spillage
  • Vending machines
  • Input peripherals (keyboards, joysticks, drawing devices, mice and boards)
  • TVs (excluding TVs with wooden surround)
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • VCRs, DVDs, camcorders and cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Satellite and digital TV equipment

Birmingham Economy

We have reiterated the fact that city in the first place grew as the manufacturing hub of Britain and indeed the world at large. However, this has changed as it has now turned into the service economy. With the statistics on ground, the services sector accounts for 88% of the entire employment. When you come to the Great Britain in search of jobs in areas like public administration, health and education, you will get the highest opportunities  here. While in financial and business areas, it also takes the second position after Leeds. When it comes to the metropolitan economy, it is still the widest in the whole of the UK.

When it comes to manufacturing which now comes second to services in a reverse mood of what used to be in the mediaeval, 19th and 20th centuries, it now boasts of 8% of the whole employment. This places it below the average gotten in the United Kingdom at present. Birmingham comes across to you like that place which likes to focus on one thing and make it great. When they were into manufacturing and innovation, it was the center of manufacturing in the whole world. When it shifted to the services center, it made a lot of strides here and now dominates the services in the whole UK while the manufacturing sector drops down to a record low.

However, there are still some manufacturing firms to go with as firms like the jaguar land rover are still manufacturing in their plant. The Cadbury form, which is a giant in food and beverages, is still waxing strong and employing citizens in Bourneville. When it comes to the small and medium scale firms, there are large local producers who also lend great support to the economy of the nation. Other craft industries also offer employment and economic mix and stability. Some of the traditional firms are still in operation. An example is the 300 jewelry quarter where independent jewelry makers produce more than 40% of the jewelry won in the whole of the UK.

By the year 2012, it had a GVA of £21.2bn. But prior to this period, it had a very slow economy and it was then that the manufacturing sector disappeared. At this moment, it grew at a rate of 30% below the national average. It witnessed about 21% decline in the manufacturing volume within 1997 to 2010. While this was happening, financial services and insurance rose to a record high, doubling what it used to be in the past.  With this, it recorded the highest amount of entrepreneurship in 2013, with a massive growth in the number of startups and registered businesses.

There is still some level of economic inequality witnessed here, as some of the working or economically active people are not employed. However, other statistics points that the it is among the most deprived in the whole of the UK. This is seen in some parts being labeled the most deprived region. In terms of employment, some parts are seen as the most deprived parts. Many women do not have jobs and the city still struggles with some infant mortality rate.

However, when it comes to the standard of living, it is the 51st in the whole world and this makes it the second best in the UK. With some programs like the enterprise zone in view, it intends to move up to the top 20 best in the quality of living index.

Heavy machinery removals in Birmingham

One of the things we boast about is the fact that we offer the best machine relocation in Birmingham you can ever think of.  When a firm bags the number of awards and honours we have bagged over the years, clients who work with them will always have a complete peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with a reliable Birmingham machinery movers. This is what you should enjoy too. Your heavy machinery removal in Birmingham is carried out exactly as scheduled and planned.

Birmingham machinery removalsWe have a set machine lifting removal staffs that are highly experienced and they are all trained to take care of any type and volume of heavy equipment removal that you demand for.  Do you have the need to move a single printing machine from the ground floor to the 4th floor or are you trying to relocate the entire printing outfit to another part of the town? We will be at hand to do this for you whenever you call on us.
Are you looking for laboratory removals services? Yes we offer such services too.

We offer professional heavy machine moving in Birmingham and throughout the entire UK. This is a service we specialize in. when you contact us for this service in the UK, we will send our hugely experienced surveyors to you. They are professionals of the highest order. They will arrive at the location of your machine, assess the requirements you have, do a site visit of the location and ensure that all eventualities are considered. With this, we will offer completely custom quotation for the relocation of your machine.
We cooperate with our partners in the entire UK, including Warrington office removal companies.

Advantages of moving to Birmingham

There are many benefits people derive when they decide to move here. These are the things that propel many people to come into this great area. Of course, the statistics has it that there is highest number of immigration in the UK within the last few years, with many startups springing up here more than in any other place in the UK.

When it comes to the area of education, we can call this the seat of learning. Those times when your son is ripe for university education and you have to take him on a 20 hours ride to get to his university are gone. Come to Birmingham and you will get lots and lots of great educational institutions. Apart from the fact that there is 6 universities, there are great primary and secondary education arenas that you cannot miss if you love education. Instead of sending your son to come and school in Birmingham while you live in Liverpool, you can actually move to this place and get things cheaper.

The next good thing that will make you to move is the transport system you will enjoy. This ranges from the rail to the rings of roads and even the air transport system. The fact is that you will never have a problem moving to anywhere both locally and nationally. There are 70 car parks with spaces for more than 24,000 cars.

The next area where this place will offer you great advantages when you move is when it comes to entertainment. There are great local pubs, free live music shows, and many world class tours that will always make your holidays anytime any day. You don’t need to fly out for your holidays. Birmingham is a home that will strive to keep you around by providing all you need. The next thing is the warmth that you will experience in the people that you meet every day. They are so friendly and brotherly that you will see the effect of the community life in them as soon as you enter.

You will have your fill whenever you need good foods and drinks. This is another great attribute of this great place. Because it is the second largest area in the whole of the country, you will be greeted with an array of world class restaurants, clubs, bars and many other entertainment centers. You will have cuisine of all sorts with different recipes including international ones. You will never complain of food here and they come for all classes, so you will have what you can afford.

When it comes to shopping, you will enjoy it.  With several Victorian arcades and markets with shopping malls everywhere, you will have your fill whenever you want to shop. This includes the bullring shopping center, and many others.

If you are a sports lover, you will have your field day whenever you are out to enjoy good sports. Football, squash, golf, tennis and many others abound in no small measures. The great premiership football clubs of Birmingham FC and Aston Villa FC still engage in one of the greatest derbies ever, and it is always breathtaking. When it comes to accommodation, you will get all classes of houses at affordable prices. There are homes for all and there are luxury homes for the rich. New residential properties are being developed from time to time

Birmingham factory relocation services and heavy lifting

Our staffs are trained to take care of any type or any volume of  factory relocation in Birmingham you may have. All requirements are taken care of here, whether it is an factory machine in your premises or you have the need to relocate factory production line from Birmingham to another place. Our services include the provision of fitters that will be used in dismantling all machines and equipment as a part of our factory moving Birmingham offer. With this, it will be easier for us to move the dismantled parts of the machines than when it is in one whole part. When this is done, we will load them onto our removal trucks, drive them to your destination or to the new office or company, and reassemble them with our fitters.

It is always advised that people who are not professionals in heavy removals should not go near these heavy machines. It is only the experienced professionals that are supposed to carry out Birmingham factory removals. Now, one thing you have to know is that it is always very important for the vehicles to be properly loaded when the heavy machines are being transported. This must be done in a certified safe manner, so that the risks of damage during transit will be eliminated. It’s why you should hire skilled Birmingham factory movers.

Our trainings include proper manual handling and our staffs are all trained on the dictates of furniture assembly. With these professional trainings, we have the expertise to undertake the removal of awkward and more difficult removals successfully.

We have solutions for almost everything you may face as a heavy machine removal process. We also got the back of people who wants to make purchases on eBay. If you see heavy equipment that you like on eBay and want to purchase it, you have to stop worrying about how to collect it and transport heavy items in Birmingham Just contact us and that will be taken care of.  We have a fixed price quote for the collection of such machines like gym equipment and others. We also provide school removals solutions, including lifting heavy sports and gym equipment.

Warehouse moving services in Birmingham

We have been in this business for a very long time, so we realize the fact that no two warehouse relocations or removals are the same.  Because of this, each and every client gets a bespoke and custom warehouse removals Birmingham service with unique logistics and planning office move, whenever they come to us for a removal. We know that every client has a unique situation on his hand. Because of this, each will be given proper planning and analyses that is comprehensively designed for them with a professionally trained and qualified project manager to take care of the Birmingham warehouse move no matter how huge or small. This manager will see you through and walk you through the entire removals, and will be on hand to embark on a visit or tour of the premises, so as to talk about the requirements of your warehouse relocation in Birmingham with you and give you a suitable removal package. For other areas we can also offer our comprehensive services, be it office removals Liverpool or other places.

Whenever we are planning for your move, one thing we take very good care of is the health and safety aspect of it all.  We ensure that a full risk assessment method is created for all the phases of the move. Before the commencement of work on each of the removal days, our staff are all trained on how they can indentify hazards and create the secondary risks assessment that are needed.  By this, the utmost safety of your office staff and all the other third party agents that will be involved in the move are taken care of. We work with a senior management team that comprises of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health certified personnel. They have all been certified as people who manage safely.

When we work with you and for you, all the individual circumstances involved in your business are covered, so that you will enjoy absolute state of mind during and after the removals.