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School furniture recycling

School furniture is one of the recyclable products and it could be recycled. Recycling is for those furniture sets that are damaged. Here, they will be deconstructed and separated into streams of materials like plastics, metals, timber and fabrics. When this is done, they will be processed accordingly.

With this comes the challenge of disposing your furniture with a renowned removal service in a way that is friendly to the environment. However, the truth of the matter remains that if school  furniture is not new to an extent, it will be a bit difficult for you to find people to buy it when you want to resale. Recycling is also not an easy thing to do either, the major reason being that each furniture piece contains lots of different types of materials in it. A single furniture item in your office may have metal, wood, plastics and other items in it.  Before recycling, all these materials must be separated. This is one reason why you cannot do this on your own. So, the best bet for you is to seek for a renowned and experienced business removals company offering school furniture recycling services around you. We cover the entire UK, we have already undertaken many recycling projects in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Business removals in Glasgow, Leeds, York, Nottingham, Edinburgh any many other places in the UK.

Old school furnitureWith a little amount of planning, any school furniture or other equipment could be also reused. It could be deconstructed or recycled.  When recycling school furniture, the environment is protected as it reduces the demand for timber, plastics and metals. In another angle, wastes are diverted from landfills and the huge carbon emission that happens during manufacturing is reduced. What many people still do not realize is that it could be cheaper to recycle or dispose school furniture than to purchase new ones. When educational institution engages in the reusing and recycling of school equipment, it goes a long way to show your seriousness in the reduction of waste and conservation of the eco system.

School furniture recycling and disposal services

We pride ourselves as the office removals firm that delivers the best office furniture recycling in the entire UK. With many awards and our professional staff, our clients can always approach us with peace of mind and under the assurance that they will gain the best from us. We have an unshakable commitment to the environment and we strive to preserve it by all means. With an ISO 14001 accreditation few years after we started operation, we have never taken our focus off our main of objective of offering high quality school furniture recycling services, and have also worked to improve the sustainability of our clients.

When any of our clients is in need of school or college furniture dismantling and recycling, we will move in with our professional, experienced and properly trained staff and take care of the entire situation.
When we arrive at your venue, we will separate the junk furniture according to the material types before loading them on our truck.

This is the time we will separate between the reusable school furniture and the non-reusable equipment. The non-profits could be picky sometimes, and they deserve something usable too.
The junk will be unloaded from our truck, and the forklift in a very careful manner will crush the huge furniture sets, while our staff will now come in and separate the parts by hand in a more detailed manner.This is followed by the shredding, bailing or sending of the waste to energy plants around. With this process, landfill diversion is achieved to 90%.

Recycling is the best!

School recycling solutionsOur planet is now endangered more than ever. We are the first culprit here to be held responsible by the future generation for the decay caused to our planet. Time is flying and we are already running behind schedule. It remains only about 7 years for the landfill sites to get filled up with rubbish. What are we going to do?
In response to the clarion call to save the atmosphere from decay, we have devised a new solution that will revolutionise the manner in which schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations handle waste and unwanted school equipment and furniture. In order to protect the atmosphere and make a difference in our world, we employ you to join us.

With our solution, we will be able to enhance the durability and sustainability of furniture. We have partnered with a lot of businesses, government bodies and organizations in order to realise our objective which is reducing the amount of waste from educational sector that goes into the landfill.

How to recycle school furniture?

School furniture recycling options are so many. This involves many of the retailers and liquidators of the educational equipment purchasing them to refurbish and resale them. In some cases, you will also enjoy some recycling and collection offers from local office removals London firms too. This is mostly for the furniture. There are also some charitable organizations that are into the collection of unwanted school furniture to be reused. Some opportunity shops will be at hand to collect this furniture from too, though this may be on a smaller scale.

Rather than throwing away any redundant and unwanted school furniture, you can resell them and make money from their sales. You may not know, there are a lot of people that are willing to spend some cash on used furniture that you think it is no longer useful. We offer a brokerage service providing a platform where buyers and sellers of second hand school equipment and furniture used in schools and offices can meet to transact in friendly manner. If you have any school furniture to be disposed of, any items that you will like to sell or donate for reuse, you can use our platform to put it up for sale or advertise it. We are optimistic that we will get you a buyer. Contact our Wigan office and we will try to help your with your school recycling needs.

You do not have to worry because you don’t know the market value of the furniture. We will help you in this regard. All you have to do is to fill our school furniture disposal request form and we will provide you with the required information. Waste disposal in the landfill or incinerating waste as a means of disposing them is gradually giving way for a more acceptable means of waste disposal. Today, people are encouraged to be more responsible in the way the live and work and in some circumstances, offenders may be punished. With this new approach, you are given the chance to join in the campaign to save the atmosphere and also an income making opportunity by recycling school furniture and equipment that are unwanted and redundant. The method also is a veritable means of helping another school or an individual to purchase useful pieces of used items at an affordable price.

How to donate school furniture?

Recycle and reuse school furnitureAs already mentioned above, we have partnered with a number of organizations including charities that are willing to collect the pieces of school furniture, including desks, chairs, cabinets, electronics like computers and all other educational equipment that your school or office considers as waste in case you don’t want to sell them. We can make arrangement to ship your computers to the countries especially third world countries where there are people that will still value them. Nowadays, owing to improvement in technology, new computers are being introduced on regular basis and thus, a computer purchased today will become obsolete tomorrow meaning that you will have a need to replace them with new ones. This is because when new ones with new and better features are introduced, the old ones will no longer be of help to you. However, they are still useful to schools in third world countries as their level of technology is not yet on a par with the level of technologies in the developed countries of Western World. So why not to reuse of school furniture you don’t need? If you are looking for company to transport furniture, you can contact Glasgow office removal companies.

We have a partnership with some charities that are based in Africa and other third world countries. These charities will be pleased to accept such unwanted computers, educational software, printers, IT server and equipment and office equipment from your institutions. The charities that we partner with are also go in computer information disposal. Before giving out the computer to any school, they will take time to wipe out all the pieces of information contained in your computers so that they will not be divulged to any third person or unauthorised person. They comply to all extant regulations on the disposal of IT equipment and computers and they also have the right software that will help them to wipe your computer clean before they are given out to schools in the third worlds countries that may require them. Be rest assured that your computers will be put into good use. In fact, in some countries, about 25 children make use of a computer per week.

We are always making effort to provide a more useful alternative means of school furniture disposal of redundant and surplus equipment and furniture from schools and other institutions when it is no longer possible to reuse them again or when there is no longer a good means of recycling them. We are working hard to build a facility where wood and plastic materials that have reached the end of their useful life can be converted into energy. Kindly contact us now for further information on our school furniture disposal services.

From the above, it will be evidently clear to you that we are able to provide you with a wide range of school disposal services or recycling aimed at simplifying a time consuming, complicated and expensive process. You can rely in our expertise and experiences as we have accomplished a lot of similar tasks successfully in the past. Hire our company if you are moving office furniture and have any items to be recycled or disposed of. We offer furniture clearance for all types of institutions, be it either school or hospital removals.

Reselling school furniture

The unwanted furniture set are refurbished, reused or recycled. This depends on the condition of the furniture. If any school equipment is to be reused, they have to be in good condition and some school furniture retailers and charity shops will sell them to those in need of fairly used furniture.  If they will be refurbished, then this will entail cleaning up, repairing and replacing of the worn parts of the furniture like the fabrics, and repainting of the furniture sets to cover the scratches and make them look nice again before reselling them. If you require any extra services like disassembling or assembling office furniture you can ask your moving team. Most of recycling companies offer such type of solutions as well as a full advice on how to plan office removals and recycling of furniture.

All refurbished furniture could be purchased by other schools or institutions. With this approach, the amount of waste that goes into the landfill is reduced and consequently, the green gases generated in the landfill are reduced. In this way, energy is conserved. Rather than purchasing new furniture or equipment which is highly expensive, other institutions are able to purchase cheap used furniture and equipment from a school that does not require them any longer or that find them redundant in their new school complex. In this way, you can cut cost on the purchase of new equipment, extend the life of the product and contribute to budget of another business or establishment. It is also a good means of reducing the amount of unwanted furniture pieces and equipment that are dumped into the landfill on regular basis. We do not believe or accept the saying that every piece of furniture comes to an end when it reaches its useful life. We strongly believe and we have been proven right by experience that what is considered redundant or unwanted for one establishment can be useful for another establishment.
If you are looking for a secure storage space, we recommend to contact local warehouse removal companies they should be able to find secure and big storace space for your school furniture that you don't need any more but still would like to sell or recycle.

Recycling of polypropylene furniture

School chairs recyclingChairs or other furniture made from plastic or polypropylene are greatly abused in educational establishment where they are extensively used. Even chairs that are properly taken care of will one day lose its durability and rigidity becoming unsafe to use. But this does not mean that the chair has become totally useless. We can make arrangement for all your old plastic chairs or other furniture to be collected whether they are purchased from us at the initial time or not. This service will be provided to you free of charge insofar as you purchase selected plastic chairs from us. The chairs collected from your school will be used to produce new chair after the initial one has been melted and new polymer added to it to enhance durability and quantity. However, if you don’t want to purchase new chairs, we can still recycle polypropylene furniture and bring them back to live again. Just contact us and we will provide you with quotation on that. Contact one of our employee relocation team and ask for services you need.

WEEE recycling

All the school electrical materials that are under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive coverage are recycled at the approved centers for them and under the current regulations for such recycling. For this, all the necessary full audit trails are obtained. This also involves the forwarding of the dockets to you after the recycling.

If you need to confirm our certifications or get our instant school furniture recycling quote, contact our customer service agents. When you contact us for WEEE collection services, you have to have some information handy to allow us give you accurate proposal, it includes:

  • The quantity, volume and size of the office furniture you have for removal
  • The type of furniture to be removed and recycled if possible
  • The location of the furniture
  • The exact time you need the removal and recycling done

Our Reuse First Policy

We work with the Reuse First Policy which is the number one principle in the Waste Hierarchy to ensure that we get the furniture sets to wherever they may be in use before considering other options. We start with our office moving manager contacting all the charities and the nearby community organizations around to know if any of them will be willing to accept any furniture sets. If there is any indication of need, the recipients will be issued a "Furniture Recycling Audit" when they are being handed the furniture. In the audit firm, these recipients will sign that they will release these items for reuse or recycling through the proper channels whenever they are no longer in need of them. This entails that you have transferred the duty of care and have also given a very visible audit trail and even that of protection for your own business. Our project manager can also offer additional services like full advice on how to plan office removals of any educational institution.

For those who may not be collected, our next move in line with the Waste Hierarchy is to refurbish those that have minor damages for onward use.  However, before we do this, we ensure that it will be beneficial and cost effective for our clients. This is why we always have a market survey and research to ensure that there are markets for the products when they must have been refurbished.
In cases where the any school furniture cannot be reused and refurbished, the next line of action is to split the furniture down. In doing this, our trained fitters will ensure that all the different component parts are carefully removed, so as to ensure that the highest rate of recyclable materials is achieved.

Our school recycling activities take place at the designated and authorized centres. They are centres that are very close to your home or office, so that the fuel cost is minimized. Another thing is that if your school is not close to any of our depots, we ensure the reduction of fumes and fuel emission by hiring the vehicles within your area as we have local branches in Leicester, Chester, Bristol, Oxford, Norfolk, Milton Keynes, Newcastle and more. When the entire job is completed, you will be furnished with a full project report by our team, and this will involve all the necessary tonnage figures and certifications.

The benefits of recycling school furniture

Recycling benefitsOur solutions will give a lot of benefits. It is as simple as buying, selling and recycling school furniture and equipment. Use our school relocation services offering disposal of school equipment and obtain the following benefits:

  • Enhancement of the reputation of your school with active recycling of your unwanted items
  • Making your organisation to be more eco-friendly
  • Saving resources, money and time for your organisation
  • Increasing the sustainability of educational equipment
  • Assisting another organization to cut cost
  • Reducing the involvement of your staff thereby allowing them more time to teach, making it possible for you to concentrate on your area of expertise as you benefit from our office and school furniture recycling
  • Simple  and straight forward process which will not cost you a dime
  • Finding another person willing to reuse the unwanted items in your office; we are optimistic that we will find the person for you

We will require you to let us know of what you require to dispose of, if you want us to make arrangement for the collection of your redundant items. Once you inform us of the items you want to dispose of, we will contact us immediately.
Kindly contact us today in case you would like to hire our school furniture recycling company or you have any inquiry to make.

Our disposal of school equipment, accessories and other items used in the educational sector. We encourages the reuse of these tools, recycle them and help you to dispose of them in a more reliable way which will help to increase your earning, reduce cost for another business and help in reducing the quantity of waste generated and dumped in the landfill from the education sector.

We offer recycling and disposal of the following items:

  • Disposal of classroom chairs, desks and tables
  • Recycling changing room furniture
  • Lab tables, stools and laboratory equipment disposal
  • Staff room furniture, cloakroom furniture,
  • School lockers and metal storage cupboards collection and recycling
  • Classroom bookcases, folding tables, plan chests resale

Is furniture recycling worth it?

The quantity of waste generated in the educational sector which are dumped to the landfill on yearly basis is about 700,000 tones. This costs the educational sector a lot. A huge amount of taxpayers money is used for the management of the landfill. It also has a negative impact on the environment.

An average of 21kg of waste is generated by a student on a yearly basis. With this quantity of waste, the landfill will definitely cost the schools, parents and environment a lot.

About 72 percent of waste generated in the schools are dumped in the landfills. The question is what contribution are we making to reduce the amount of waste dumped in the landfill?

If the landfill targets are not met by 2020, the price the government and taxpayers will have to pay in order to manage the landfill will be up to 180million GBP per year.

As predicted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), UK has not got up to 7 years landfill capacity – this is quite scary because it is about 3 times the size of Lake Windermere.

Before ordering for our services, you are advised to first of all read our terms and conditions. If you accept them, complete the form provided here in our website as proof that you have accepted them.

Other services provided by our office relocation company

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