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Laboratory removals

When it comes to laboratory removals services, we have proved in many ways that we are unbeatable as far as quality and timely services are concerned. Our affords have been appreciated and acknowledged by a number of bodies and organisations that have given us awards.

While delivering our industrial laboratory moving service, we make sure that we abide by health and safety regulations of the country and also professionals bodies that we belong. We also apply the same measures when handling and transporting hazardous materials.

Packing laboratory stuffWe pride on our achievements which are made possible by our ability to deliver quality and reliable services to our clients. By hirng professional laboratory moving company you will get a peace of mind that specialists can handle your project proficiently and to your satisfaction. So, feel free to contact us if you have a need for laboratory removals.

Our specialists cover the entire UK, we provide laboratory removals in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Blackpool, Oxford and other areas.

Laboratory moving services

Whether setting up a new factory or already existing and operational industries, the most important part of the industry is the Laboratory.

Generally it is called the backbone of any industry because all R&D works and works related to trial of new materials and timely observation of the existing operations are carried out in the Laboratory.

Some of the most critical, expensive and fragile instruments are used here. Apart from this, many hazardous chemicals are used for carrying out different types of tests.

It takes years to improve, expand and improvise the existing laboratory. That is why, when moving your laboratory from one place to another, it needs a lot of precision and expertise to do so.

Very few movers have the expertise, personnel plan the lab move and proper instruments to carry out the job. We present ourselves as one of them. We have been moving medical research, industrial and all other types of general laboratories with great precision.

Lab equipment moving services

Given below are some of the best laboratory moving services provided by us:

  • Packaging, loading and unloading of all instruments and chemicals.
  • Movement of hazardous chemicals including radioactive material.
  • Movement of instruments and chemicals with special characteristics like low or high temperature which require extra care during movement.
  • Choosing the right equipment and personnel to carry the job.
  • Ensure timely movement to get the process of testing going on regularly.
  • Saving time while moving so that a new setup can be made at the earliest.
  • Expert in moving all types of laboratories (whether medical research, industrial or general).
  • Moving crates hire

Having been in the commercial moving industry for a long time and having successfully completed lots of projects encapsulating moving laboratories, we can prove that we are ready to move any type of lab equipment to any location you want. We offer our moving services across the UK, including laboratory relocation services in Birmingham, York, Wigan, Cambridge, Nottingham, Newcastle and many more locations in the entire UK.

Laborator relocation services

Laboratory removalsWe are quite aware that laboratory equipment removal can be a challenging task and that it requires high level of diligence. Poorly handling can result in costly loss and can even expose your staff and the handlers to danger. This is why we have built a strong team of laboratory relocation professionals. They are chosen carefully from our removal teams. However, they have been given special training so that they will be able to deliver their jobs successfully. Thus, we are optimistic that our clients will be satisfied with the quality of services they will receive from them. Besides, we have invested in their training them in other aspects of the job such as manual handling, working safely at heights, emergency first aid, identifying hazards, undertaking site risk assessments and others.

As mentioned above, we have all it takes to relocate any size of laboratory. We do not only invest human workforce. We have also acquired all the machines required for successful laboratory relocation services. Thus, with our equipment and workforce, we can relocate any type of laboratory equipment and machines. We also have different sizes of vehicles for removal and so with our resources both human and equipment, we are able to relocate your industrial equipment to the location regardless of how difficult it is to access the location.

We are always available to help you out with your moving needs. In case you have any emergence in your laboratory, you can fall back on us. We are there to support during emergencies and difficult situations such as power cuts, outbreaks, floods and others. Our team of professional laboratory removal specialists can assess your removal needs in order to provide you with all paperwork detailing the risk assessment, health and safety procedures, method statements and other things required for the execution of your project. We understand how risky laboratory removal is. This is why we ensure that our staffs are in good health and they all have PPE.

We do not reject any laboratory relocation project regardless of how challenging and difficult it appears to be or small it is. Contact us anytime you have a need to relocate your industrial equipemt or to move certain items from your laboratory to another be it one item or collection of items. There are no obligations attach to our quotes and besides we offer laboratory moving quotes free of charge. So, do not be afraid to contact us for quotes for removal, storage, packing, packing materials, shipping and removal boxes as it will not cost you anything.

Laboratory relocation planning and management

UK Lab equipment moversOur lab planning and moving process generally consist of four steps: Firstly we make list of all lab instruments, chemicals present, and products under testing during movement & make an estimate. Our specially trained laboratory project move managers carry out this process.

Secondly, we choose the best packing and transport system which is best for the lab movement. It includes packing material, transportation, drivers, and other personnel.

In the third step, we pack and load the equipments and chemicals in the appropriate transport medium.

Lastly, we unload the lab equipment, materials, machines and all liquids and other materials after unpacking; we also help you to complete the new setup at the earliest.

The entire staff of our laboratory moving company are specially trained for the work. Special license holding drivers are employed to transport hazardous chemicals and fragile equipments. All personnel are trained from time to time to meet the expectations of the customers.

We are quite aware that every relocation service is unique and distinct from others. This is why we offer flexible services tailoring our services to meet the requirements of clients. We believe that the removal needs of each of our clients are different. This is why we assign a move manager to each of our client. The move manager will take time to analyse the move requirements of our client and then establish a plan that will meet the client's move requirement. To ensure that your requirements are fully captured and understood, the move to be assigned to you will visit your home and have time to discuss your move and do assessment of your laboratory. After discussing and assessing your laboratory, he will provide you with a package that will meet your requirements.

We are able to manage all aspects of laboratory removal services. In case you are in a need for any laboratory service, our qualified management team will be able to plan and manage the move for you. Assigning a project manager means that you will have some to contact whenever you have any inquiry to make or anything to you. The move manager will focus on your move and this also implies that you have just one contact point. This helps to minimize cost and save you time. Do not hesitate to contact in case you need help with your laboratory removal. We will tell you how we can be of help to you when contact us.

Laboratory relocation equipment

We have the best transportation techniques and a vast range of lab moving equipment from freezers to high temperature maintaining trailers. If any material is to be transported at below 0 degree temperature, special freezers which are custom made as per the international standards are employed into service. Again, if high temperature environment is required, our special trailers can be used which can maintain high temperature during the whole laboratory removals process.

Only the most eligible drivers are put into the job which includes transportation of hazardous or radioactive chemicals and fragile equipment of the lab. Our UK laboratory movers follow the rules and regulations in place by the regulating authorities about transportation and handling of hazardous chemicals, biological chemicals or radioactive materials

How can we help you to move the lab?

Planning a laboratory moveWe have the reputation of being one of the best in the Laboratory movement business. Through our services, we have catered many customers who are satisfied with our work. We always maintain zero tolerance of breaking rules and regulations.

That is why, our personnel, from Project leader to drivers, all are fully trained in all aspects of the business. We arrange training programs from time to time so that our personnel can be familiar with the latest technology and rules (if any).

We provide cheap laboratory removals in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Reading and all UK. Apary from laboratory moving solutions we also offer library relocation in London and other areas. Contact us now to find out more.

We can also help to move your laborator staff by providing professional employee relocation assitance.

Adherence to the lab moving safety standards

One of the most critical aspects of Laboratory movement is the maintaining safety standards. Whether a medical research laboratory or an industrial laboratory or university or college lab, we always keep high safety standards during our job. Any safety standard that implies to transport or packaging is looked after and no point is left out. We make a check list of all safety standards to be followed and accordingly employ the requisite person who is best for the job. All our employees do the work with great precision and care to keep both materials and equipments safe.

We do not joke with health and safety and this is why we pay strong attention to it during the stage of pre-move planning. We first establish a complete risk evaluation method statement for every stage of your move. We have taken a step further by training our staffs to be able to identify hazards and risk. Before they start work on each, they are able to establish secondary risk assessment. In this way, they ensure that your staffs and other people that are around during the move are safe or are not exposed to dangers. We work with only senior managers who have received certification in Managing Safely from the Institution of Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH) which is a health and safety professional organisation in the UK.

Laboratory relocation costs

The pricing model of our commercial removal company is quite simple and understandable. Moreover, as compared to other businesses, we provide the laboratory moving services at a relatively lower cost which is well within the budget.

Laboratory relocationBefore starting the work, we make a list of all the laboratory equipment, instruments, machineries, chemicals and personnel to be relocated and moved around.

Then based on our vast experience, we make a quotation and give you the most affordable lab moving rates and price ranges to choose from.

Our UK Lab movers and the personnel we employ have been in the lab equipment moving service for a long time and they imply their experience to cater your needs as per your requirements.

Over the years we have packed and moved some of the most delicate laboratory machines and equipment like refractometers, density meters, fume hoods, microscopes, tissue processors, molecular imagers, embedding centres, glass washers/dryers, blood/gas analysers, PCR/thermal cyclers, micro plate washers / handlers and, fridges, freezers, refractometers and man more.